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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Shara Azod

I swear it is a true story; I once was approached by a real life sheik. Okay, so the actual sheik didn’t deign to converse with mw at all; he had members of his entourage do it. I was honest-to-goodness in the Navy once upon a time long, long ago- back before United Arab Emirate wasn’t quite as posh as it is now. The ship I was on pulled into Abu Dhabi, and instead of having scores of sailors roaming around in town, the government had built an Oasis club not far from the pier were the U.S. Naval ships were docked. It was one of the very few places you could drink alcohol in the city. There was really nice bar, a pool slot machines, pool tables- everything us heathen could use. A lot of us from my ship went there most nights because what else were we going to do, right? To go into town you had to be covered from neck to ankle, not swathed but in a shirt that went up to the neck and pants that went covered the ankles, and it was way too hot for that.

I was minding my own business one night, walking past the table where this sheik dude hung out every night. No one ever paid him any attention after a while, we were used to seeing him there. That’s why when one of his “people” stopped me one night, I thought nothing of it. I actually had a seat. He didn’t speak to me directly, but he was staring at me the whole time. Not a good stare, not a bad stare just this really intense look. It made me feel a little like some kind of specimen. One of his people asked what I was drinking, so I said, rum and Coke. They bought a bottle of Bacardi 151 and I kind of had the feeling I really needed to get back to the ship and stay there for a little while.

I excused myself to go the rest room, grabbed a couple of friends and booked it back to the ship. I didn’t venture far from it for like three days. I never, ever walked past that table again. When I was telling someone else that story they totally didn’t believe me, because let’s face it, it just doesn’t happen to anyone you know.

So I decided to do a small series on Navy couples and I incorporated some of the most ridiculous unbelievable stories that I had actually seen happen (though I must stress NONE of it ever happened to me), and the Anchors Away series was born. Trust me, the worst stories were never told and I always changed the names and endings to protect the identities of the guilty.


Serenity King said...

OMG! LMAO! Only you, Shara! I absolutely love your military stories. Think the person would have believed you if you had taken the 151 with you? LOL!


Anonymous said...

and Shara the despot strikes again. I think the
Anchors Away series were the first books of yours I read and I was hooked. I can sorta believe their "truthiness". Glad that you will keep us entertained for quite sometime.

cherryce said...

oh my!!! Shara and the Sheik

I love you military theme books. now i know that some of them came from your own encounters


WC said...

Anchors Aways series is awesome. I love military stories and movies. Will watch a military themed movie before any other kind.

Violette said...

Omg, lmao. Wow. I think this takes it for the most interesting encounter ever experienced. Wow. Was he cute at least? This shiek of yours?


Beautiful Trouble Publishing said...

anchors away is my fav those military men.

and the fun part of this blog: not even surprised that you'd find yourself the object of a shiek's attention.

what i am surprised about is that you didn't take over his littl