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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Nevea Lane

That First Time

The first mistake that I remember making as a new writer was not promoting myself. I just threw a self-published work out there and expected to get reviews and expected to really get noticed. Yes, it’s ok, you can laugh right now, I am still laughing at myself.

I don’t think we as writers never really know what to expect when you get your first book finished. Most of us think that the hard part is writing the book. While that is hard, it is harder to promote the book, but we do it because we either like the attention or we gotta eat; either way, you have to promote yourself.

So the first time I let my lonely little publication sit there and wondered why I only sold 22 copies in eight months? It was because no one knew who the heck Nevea Lane was!

So, being that Marked in Montana is my second publication, my first with a publisher, I used social networking to its full advantage. I tweeted, blogged and posted in Yahoo! Groups. I spread the word the best way that I know how, through the wires. You would be amazed at how many message boards you can post up a promotion, especially if you have been a member of that writing community for a while.

After the release of Marked, I did a search on myself. It is amazing what a little promotion can do and how many times you can find your name mentioned if you apply as much effort into gaining exposure as you did writing the book.


katsrus said...

That is how I really hear from new authors is all the promoting they do. It does really pay off. Maybe not a big paycheck but; people hear about your book.
Sue B

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting Sue...there is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn. In this business you have to.