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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Lex Valentine

Heroines: Girls Rule

My two favorite types of heroines are the tormented, broken ones and the spunky, asskicking ones. The heroines who kick ass and take names are like super heroes to me, wearing a “Girls Rule” shirt. Occasionally, I like to combine the two together as I did in Hot Water where black dragon Eden Antaeus hides how broken she feels at being the black sheep of the family behind a totally in your face persona. Eden’s not faking that tough girl attitude either. Later in the book, she gets over feeling like the black sheep and she slugs her brother Sean for treating her that way. Go Eden!

In Common Ground my heroine is a diminutive spitfire of a wolf. She doesn’t take any shit from the hero and deliberately maneuvers him into a ménage a quatre he never saw coming. Don’t let Sair’s size fool you. She may be small but she’s a forceful personality who had learned to be strong and in control. Even though her mate is Alpha, he soon learns that sometimes life’s a lot easier if he just gives in to Sair.

Most readers wouldn’t see a submissive character as strong and in control, but Ainsley Connor in Insolence is exactly that. Ainsley wants Aric and she’ll do anything to have him. That includes becoming his submissive for the weekend. Aric, a renowned Dom in his community, doesn’t feel all that dominant when Ainsley drops her clothes on the floor and calls him “Sir.” Everything that happens between them occurs because Ainsley is strong enough to ask for it.

My ultimate “Girls Rule” heroine is Lilah in the non-romance story Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Hellhound (Weirdly III.) Lilah manages to best not only the father whose very nature she abhors but his second in command, a man Lilah shares a romantic past with. Both men are demons, powerful and dominant. But Lilah uses her smarts to turn the tables on them both and come out on top. Kickin’ demon ass and takin’ names!

There’s something just mesmerizing about a heroine who can be just as strong and resourceful (if not more) than the men in the book. I love heroines who shape their own destiny and don’t let stuff just happen to them. Even then the worst does occur, they have an indomitable spirit that you know is there waiting for its moment to shine again. Heroines like that are ones you can cheer for and who make you woot when they get their man.


Mai said...

Hey Lex I love the bad ass ladies who take care of business. Love the ladies who rule, in TV shows, movies, and books.
I need to read the whole series but I love Sair, momma got it going on, LOL

Cinderella said...

Well not sure what one I like just know I can not stand woman that run away from the problem..If he cheats cut his dick and balls off and make meatloaf. If he hits you get him drunk tie his ass up and beat the shit out of him. And do not get scared of unknowns cause they are awesome.

Fiona said...

I only write strong women heroines. I can't stand wimpy-little things who wait for a big, strong man to rescue them. My latest series is about female spy-agents who kiss ass. They aren't ladies in distress. They are the ones who cause the distress! But they get what they want, and make the hero want it too!

Fiona said...

OOps! I meant "kick" ass! K-I-C-K!
See what happens when I type so fast?

erotiwriter said...

All right. Nobody shoot me, lol. Especially you Lex. You gotta understand, I AM a strong woman fully capable of taking care of myself. If a man is weaker than me, I don't need him, but recently have been looking at strength in a whole different light. Forgive me, this will be long.

Just because my heroine has the good sense to know when to ask for helf because she knows she can't handle it herself, and just because when she's having sex he makes her feel vulnerable and feminine, does not in my opinion make her weak, it makes her strong.

I've read your heriones and they are strong. Definitely, no doubt about it. However, I think a woman can be strong even if she has to ask the man for help, because she knows it is something she cannot handle. I hate the know it all herione who thinks she can handle the big bad "bad" guyg only to get caught herself because it is more than she can handle. Sorry, I get outspoken this time. lol I still love your heroines!


lindseye said...

I do not think heoroines have to be physically strong to have strength and asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Evie Balos said...

Since I like my heroines to be sassy and fiesty, I'd say kick-ass girls are my preference. I never liked weak heroines--even my few virgins are headstrong, lol.

All your books sound a good shot of sexy adrenaline!