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Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Shara Azod

The first time I read porn I was confused. I was a kid, so that was part of it I am sure. With limited sexual knowledge, I was aghast at what I was secretly reading in the dark with a flashlight. I know I just didn’t get it. Yeah, they were going at it and everything, but I had no idea why they were. The first time I read erotica I was a great deal older, wiser, and I knew I had found the one thing I wanted to write. There was a reason behind (most of the encounters in true erotica. It doesn’t always have to be love, but there is always a story there.

I cut my teeth so to speak on Ellora’s Cave. I was fascinated and astounded when I stumbled across the company. I never knew you could actually write romance like that! It was so hot, so steamy, so good. Lora Leigh quickly became one of my favorites, but I soon discovered so many more out there, and I could read it in secret on my PDA too! I was soon devouring Lora Leigh, Jaid Black, Cheyenne McCray and Marianne LaCroix. And then OMG! There was IR erotic romance too? No way! I remember the first time I read Eve Vaughn; I couldn’t put the book down until I had read every word. I was soon an eBook erotic romance junkie, gobbling up everything I could get my hands on- no matter what genre. I think my all time favorites have to be the Blood Brothers series by Eve Vaughn and Smokin': Carolina in the Storming by Jeanie Johnson & Jayha Leigh. They are all so full of passion and a right amount of angst. Smoking hot leading men is always a plus too.

I know that when I sit down to write, I generally do try to find out all I can about the main characters before the story starts to take shape. If I am writing a historical, I want to find little tidbits not taught in schools, just to add a tiny, itsy bitsy lesson. My main objective however, is to make it as believable as possible, even though let’s face, life never works out the way it does ion any HEA romance. Still, I want to believe myself that it could happen. Even if I am writing about an ancient Celtic deity, I want to get the details right, just in case.

I have heard a lot of grumblings lately about people who start in romance and then take beloved characters or plot lines and veer off into something else. I don’t believe I could ever do that. I just love writing steamy romance. I have written a couple of “sweet” romances, but I find in general, I just can’t do it. Maybe because I don’t really believe anything can be that sweet, or maybe I am just jaded. I love to read a sweet romance every now and again, but when I try to write it, it just seems so off to me.

I would advise any newbie thinking about writing to just do it. I have found that what works for some, may not always work for others, so find what works for you, i.e. outlines, or story boarding and just get at it. And let your characters speak, but learn when to shut them up. A thrice over is never a bad idea. I really wish I had gone over my first book My Cherie Amour more before it was published. I read it now and I am like Ugh! It could have been so much better.

I think my work now is better, I hope so anyway. I think Ropin’ Eli, my first release at Beautiful Trouble Publishing is the start of a really great series. I hope I can do it justice!


WC said...

Hey Shara wonderful blog. I found Ellora's cave by chance looking for something online and lo and behold I was introduced to ebook stories. Erotic ebook stories that were so much more detailed than any of the romance books I had ever read. I am so in love with them now. You are an awesome writer I love all I have read from you. Continued success with your writing.

Serenity King said...

Hi, Shara!

I love this blog! It was nice reading a little bit more about you and how you got started with erotica. I absolutely love erotica romance. I think I have read all of your books and absolutely love them. Great interview!



rolanda said...

Hey Shara! Great blog. Love to get insight into that mind of yours. I definitely feel that your work just gets better and better. Keep it going never disappoint me! :-)

cherryce said...

Hey Shara,
Great interview. love some of the same writers you do. love your books keep up the great work

Jordonna said...

Hi Shara,
I love erotic ebooks and you mentioned some of my favorite writers (you are at the top of hte list). Thanks for the great interview.

bookdiva said...

Shara you know you my gurl! I LOVE your writing style and how you make the characters just come alive! I'm still believing that one day Piers will reappear, sane and whole and get him a sistuh who will make him happy. Yah know I'm still working the whole voodoo princess,demon possession thing!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!
-Rhonda S.

Beautiful Trouble Publishing said...

thank you for the compliments on's one of our favs too...
you brought back some memories with the list of authors and books.