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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Greyson by Ashlyn Monroe

Jarred into painful reality, Greyson awoke in a coffin. It was a mistake; he was alive! Screaming, he pounded on the lid trying to get the attention of the gravedigger who shoveled dirt on top of him. He searched his mind, but there was no memory of how he’d ended up buried.

Horrible grief filled him at his last memory. His brother had been devoured alive by something terrible. Greyson remembered the pain as the thing attacked him too. Dirt from his burial trickled into the cracks of the coffin, burning his eyes. Gasping with the memory of the creature’s mouth on him his hand flew to his neck. Feeling for damage, he realized that his skin felt unblemished. The coffin rocked with the weight of more dirt.

Greyson screamed until he was hoarse. No one heard him. All he could think about was Evelynn. He’d never hold her again, never touch her or taste her. They’d only been wed a single blissful year. He knew he was changed, and she was lost to him. Something waited for him in the darkness; he felt its call. It owned him now.

Kimber sat on the park bench watching the coming twilight. Memories of him filled her. The dark savior with his fearsome terrible red eyes had come out of nowhere to save her. She’d been sixteen and out past curfew. Riding home on her bike she’d felt pain as something ripped her off her seat and pinned her to the cold damp ground.

The darkness opened and a handsome man came to her rescue. He wasn’t really a man; not with his eyes glowing red. He’d taken the monster away, ripping it in half. The carnage had made her ill. Kimber tried to thank him, but he was gone as quickly and mysteriously as he’d come. She’d never forget that night or that the darkness held more danger than most people imagined.

Kimber dreamed of him often. He haunted her memory, but also she felt something deep and kindred when she’d looked into his frightening eyes. Each year she’d grown more sure that he was still somewhere in the shadows of her life. At twenty-two, she wasn’t fanciful, but still his presence lingered. She would dream of him holding her, loving her in the courtly way of bygone days-- his eyes grey instead of red. There were times when she knew things about history that she hadn’t studied. Seeing the monstrous guardian angel had triggered something profound inside of her.

Kimber felt him, watching her in the darkness. For the first time she had the courage to call to him.

“I know you’re there. Please, I have so many questions.”

No sound or movement gave him away. Feeling foolish, she continued.

“I don’t know why I feel like this, but please I need to know you’re real.”

The shadow moved. He stepped out just enough that she could make out his form in the darkness. He was just as tall and imposing as she remembered.

“Why do I feel like this? Why do I love you?”

She’d never admitted the truth of her feelings, not even to herself, until that moment. Stunned by her own admission she sat back quietly, waiting.

“You’ve lived before. When I was a man, we cared for each other. I’m a monster, Kimber, and you are not Evelynn.”

Hearing the name falling from his lips triggered something profound and beyond words inside of her soul. Crying out she rushed to him, throwing her arms around him. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, whatever was left of Evelynn lived in her. They were separate, yet one. Touching his face, she felt her body respond to the sensation of his skin under her fingers. His scent was even the same and the long dead woman’s memories lived in Kimber’s own heart. Sighing she stood on her tiptoes to kiss his hard cold lips. Her soft words caused him to shudder with emotion.

“If you are cold; let my heart warm you. I don’t care what you are, Greyson, as long as you’re here with me now.”

Finding herself quickly in his arms, she sighed against his lips, moaning his name. Heaven or Hell couldn’t have convinced her to let him go. They stood in the twilight as the public park darkened. Without thought to potential spectators, she felt his hands under her shirt, unhooking her lace bra. The matching panties felt soaked with her hot desperate need as she gasped with each new delightful sensation. Greyson’s skillful fingers soon had her in frenzy. Her pussy clenched with want. She literally ached for him to touch her clit and, clinging to him, she whimpered in her need for him.

He’d backed her up against a tree; the cool night breeze stirred her hair. The skirt that she wore had hiked up to her hips. He’d ripped her panties off one hip. His fingers rolled over her slick clit and she threw her head back crying out his name like a song. He’d undone his fly at some point; she was so close she could feel her body trembling as the first wave of orgasm took her. With only a minor adjustment his long thick cock slid into her, a perfect fit. Strong hands and skilled hips thrust his cock deeply into her body. She clutched his shoulders as her pussy spammed against him and, without a single care for the fact they had no privacy, Kimber came with a fierce joy that left her feeling more whole than she’d ever felt in her entire life.

A moment later, he whispered his eternal devotion against her long soft fragrant hair as he came, her body wringing pleasure from him.

Quickly they righted their clothing as well as they could. Greyson tipped her head back and looked into her eyes. His one word sent a thrill of promise through her soul.


About the author: Ashlynn Monroe is a busy wife and mom. She’s been writing since she was a teenager for her own pleasure but in her thirties, she decided it was time to share her stories. She enjoys writing about anything and everything paranormal or fantasy related while maintaining a career as a full time customer service professional. When she is not lovingly raising her young family, she is dreaming up her next tale of romance. Visit her website at

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