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Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Shara Azod

I think every author goes into writing more for the love of telling stories and having others enjoy reading it more than the money or whatever fame they may receive. I personally don’t think I will ever be famous, but I would LOVE to be able to make a living out of writing. Most people have the false notion writer make a lot. That is hilariously far from the truth. Only a very few on the very top make real money writing.

Unfortunately the advent of epirates have made it harder and harder for authors to keep doing what they love. It is really a shame when others think it is perfectly fine to upload a book to give away for free. I think a lot of people don’t realize you aren’t hurting the big guys, you are killing the little guy.

eBook writers for the most part only get a percentage of total net sales. When people actively seek out those books for free, it takes money away from your favorite author to publisher, who cannot afford to give it away for free. I actually had a conversation with a person who had uploaded my books about it. She informed me it is no different from going to the library. If only that were true. When sales slip, authors (most of whom have full time jobs) have to work harder to make a decent living. Sometimes that means overtime or a heavier concentration of day jobs. Several popular authors have quit altogether rather than fight a bunch of people who feel entitled to an author’s work.

The notion boggles my mind. Who is that entitled that you can just take some else’s hard work. And it is work. Building a world from your imagination is harder than most think. Coming up with fresh stories that unique is always a challenge. Having to fight epiracy is even trickier. I would really love it if the fans of authors would join in the fight. Don’t patronize the sites that give books away. If you can, tell people – spread the world. ePiracy kills the market, kills creativity and only serves to make the big guys bigger because they can afford international attorneys to fight these sites. In the end, it is up to all of us to ensure our favorite authors are around for a while.


Serenity King said...

Hi, Shara!

I've enjoyed hanging out with you this week. Each day the information was insightful and very interesting. Your post today about epiracy was spot on. Hopefully something will be done about these pirate sites and soon. Please do not stop writing I absolutely love reading your stories. Hope you have a happy and blessed weekend. Much success!


WC said...

I have enjoyed all of the interviews this week too Shara. I do not visit those sites. Nothing in life is free, we all know this. Put themseoves in your position and see how it feels to have something they have worked hard for and then just see someone give it away for free, I'm sure it would not be a happy time for them. I have a friend that visits the priated movie sites and she thinks it is okay, even after I explained it to her about it being illegal. Well this one site got shut down and she could no longer watch them, but she did find another one. She cannot see what is wrong with this, and she is a born again Christian always talking about God and right from wrong.

cherryce said...

Again i agree with everyone that has posted. i have enjoyed the interview and found out more about you. it is a shame that people are doing at the pirate sites.