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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Nevea Lane

The Muse and the Music

There is just something about music that gets my creative juices going. I love music, all types. I realize that certain songs will drive a particular scene that I am writing or will help with character development.

I have used music to get me into a writing zone for as long as I can remember. In writing Marked in Montana, I was actually listening to “Afternoon in Paris” by Sonny Rollins for the speechless feeling Sam was feeling when she ran into Grant. By the time I got to their love scene, I was listening to “Seduction” by Eminem (Recovery). I reread the scenes in time with the music and then read them out loud on their own. The scenes by themselves make you think of the tempo the songs.

My muse typically likes to come out and play when a song is playing. When I want to relax and listen to jazz, my male muse comes walking in and asks me to dance. In our dance, he speaks lines that he wants me to use for one of his spawns, the Alpha with a Barry White voice.

When I am wound up and want to make my female lead explode on the page, the female muse storms into the room with Alanis Morrisette or Beyonce blaring as if it is her anthem. She sits on the arm of my chair and tells me what and who she doesn’t like or who should be shot or maimed.

I have learned over the years when the Muse has their anthem, there is no stopping them when they march in screaming ‘Hey, that’s my jam!’


Crystal said...

Music can affect everything about a day. The songs I hear on my way to work set the "mood" for the day. I try to keep a homemade CD in the car that I labeled "My Sin-a-long Songs" for those days when there is nothing but junk and talk on regular radio.

Anonymous said...

Me too! I have a CD mix especially for Friday jams always puts me in the "write" mood.