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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Violette Dubrinsky

Five Things Every Romance Book Should Have

First, every romance book should have strong characters. I am a fan of brooding alpha males and strong, yet vulnerable females. Regardless of type, if the characters are strong, the book becomes much more enjoyable.

Second, every romance book should have a good plot. The plot is what keeps most people interested so if the plot has holes or doesn’t flow, readers tend to move away from it.

Third, every romance book should have a certain style or flare. If you’re writing a paranormal book, you can still make it humorous. I love books that have an array of moods and tones, and I absolutely love laugh-out-loud moments that make people look at you like you’re a weirdo.

Fourth, every romance book should have interesting secondary characters. This may not be possible if it’s a really short story, which is understandable. However, if the story is a certain length, I’m looking for secondary characters that will make me beg for a sequel. Another thing about secondary characters is while they’re great, secondary characters should never steal the spotlight from the main characters. Sometimes it happens unintentionally, but a secondary character should never have more ‘book’ time than a main character.

Fifth, every romance book should have a great ending. Great endings don’t necessarily mean happy endings in every world, although it doesn’t hurt in my world. A great ending is one that ties up all loose ends while giving some sort of closure to both of the main characters. If there’s a sequel, the ending may be a bit more open, while keeping true to being a good ending. If no sequel is in sight, tie up all strings and loose ends.


Michelle said...

I agree with what you've said.

For me the rereads have scenes that I stick in my head. When I reread the book, I skim forward to that scene.


Divanluv said...

This is so true and formulaic for many of my most fave romance novels. Women's fiction get the raw end of the stick by many literary circles but we by far have the greatest reader base, because we have the best escapism. To read a brooding hero tamed by love - bestills my beating heart. I want my characters to earn their happy endings. Be deserving of them. If not then the reader is cheated. So I love your advice! Very well said!

Sienna Mynx

Violette said...

Thanks ladies!

@ Sienna: That's so true. Romance novels are fantasy. Most of us dont read them because we really expect someone like that to show up on our doorstep, but damn, we sure do hope. ;)