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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Serenity King

Balancing life and writing can be difficult without a plan.

When I first started writing I had about five WIPs (works in progress) going at once. I thought because I had started them I had to work on all of them at once to complete them. Well lo and behold those WIPs are still WIPs.

On top of my writing I am in school obtaining a degree in psychology and I have two teenage sons living at home with me. Anyone with children knows that with school, after school activities and the like, life can get very busy, very fast. Things became overwhelming very quick, so I had to formulate a plan to balance my writing life along with everything else.

I used to teach a class called “Managing Your Time and Priorities.” I took the knowledge from that instruction and incorporated it into my current situation. I keep an electronic agenda and start off with what’s top priority and work from there. What can wait is either moved to the next day or further in the week if possible. So far it’s working beautifully.

The hardest thing for me to conquer was balancing my writing with family time. Now, it is understood that my deadlines are my deadlines. I might not be available at the drop of a hat now, but that is okay, because we will still be able to do things together. The time I schedule with them is not broken unless there is an extreme emergency and vice versa. My writing time is not to be interrupted unless there is an extreme emergency. Actually, my family time is starting to turn into some great writing material.


Cathy M said...

There is a definite art to effective time management, and it sounds like you've got a great system going.

Serenity King said...

Thanks, Cathy! I do try.



Charisma Knight said...

Hi Serenity,

Balancing writing and family is a biggie. Wow, teenagers? LOL God Bless you, I know you have your hands full.

BTW, Simply Beautiful is an awesome read!! I've added your other books on my TBR pile! Lovin your style darling. ; )

Hales said...

I know we've talkedabout finding a balance :) Great article