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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Kaily Hart

How Do Guys Really View a Woman’s *cough* Sexual History?

Somehow I came across this German advertisement for BMW pre-owned certified vehicles. What does that have to do with anything? Well, if you read the caption it says ‘you know you’re not the first’. The ad is clearly aimed at men, but I thought it very clever when it was comparing pre-owned cars, trying to overcome the stigma I guess might be attached to a car owned and driven by another driver first.

It got me thinking, though. What do men really think about when they consider a woman’s past history? How do they think about it? When does it occur to them? Do they dwell on it? Do they feel jealousy or is there acceptance? Do they even care? If you checked in with my blog tour at all, you’ll know I love to write in the male Point of View (POV). I love to ponder everything that’s male and really try to get into their psyche. For me, it’s actually a ton more fun than writing in the heroine’s POV. I was fascinated by this ad because it seemed to be feeding into an insecurity that men may have or highlighting something they just take for granted. Sometimes the character’s past histories come up in my stories and it can be either from the hero or the heroine’s perspective. It’s only ever to further the story or evolve the characters and the hero’s thoughts, if he has any, are consistent with the character that I’ve built for him. Of course, it’s more accepted, even expected that the hero has ‘been around’, ‘played the field’, or ‘sewn his wild oats’. Perhaps not so much with the heroine, but again, it depends on the character. The ad provided another great insight into the male thought process and more fodder for future stories!


Tibby Armstrong said...

Well, I can't comment from the male perspective, obviously, but I would think that any man who loved a woman would love her for who she was past and present. Besides, who gets the benefit of all this experience anyway?

I'm with the car people. I'll take one that's been around the block a few times and can give a comfortable ride. *GRINS*

Kaily Hart said...

Very well said, Tibby :)!

Cathy M said...

I like a storyline where the characters decide that their past is behind them. No dwelling, no jealousy, just an acceptance to move on and be committed to each other from now to the future.

booklover0226 said...

I've never read a book where the heroine has been around the block a few time. It's always been rumored that she had but she never did.

Tracey D

LeslieJane said...

I will admit, it always seems a little unfair that the men get to have all that "experience" but the women is frowned upon if she has equal experience. Loved one book where the Hero has had only 2 previous lovers. Helps to have some experience, but let's not go overboard

Kaily Hart said...

Cathy, I like that too!

Tracey, sometimes it makes for an interesting storyline :)

Leslie, I have an idea for a book where the hero isn't that experienced. I think it will be fun to write.

Michelle said...

I think this can be very complex. When a guy first meets a women, he isn't attracted to who she is or her history. He's attracted to the outward appearance. That's what makes him want to bother getting to know her. From there it will depend on how he gets to know her. What "lens" is he using to get to know her, rose colored glasses? If the beginning is favorable, everything learned after is seen in a favorable light.

And as for the car, I'm an ex-mechanic. Why'd the first driver decide to get rid of such a comfortable ride? And there's no way I'd ever buy a former rental!

I asked a guy once why men love bit**s so much. Just what is the attraction? He said because you don't have to feel bad when its time to get rid of them.