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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Nevea Lane

Alpha Beta etc….

An alpha male or alpha female is the individual in the community to whom the others follow and defer.

This is part of the reason that some of my characters can be extreme loners. I consider myself to be an Alpha female and I find it difficult to write anything that is not from that point of view. My female leads will be gun toting, cuss word slinging and look fashionable while doing it.

I believe that is the hardest part about making a believable Alpha relationship. If you have an Alpha male and an Alpha female, who has to compromise? Usually, it takes a strong person to be willing to make a sacrifice for that other person. It is a struggle to figure out who is the dominant one, but at the same time, it is always fun to watch two Alpha’s verbally spar with each other.

Which leads me to the Beta, I have yet to find one Beta strong enough to be considered a sidekick to my Alpha’s. I don’t have anything against the Beta character, but they have to have some type of backbone to even be in the same room as an Alpha, right?

Marked in Montana was the first book for me where I allowed the female lead be a pure Alpha. I had been accused in previous submissions that my characters were too docile. Truth be told, I thought they were too! So I went a different route with Sam. She was no one‘s push over and she is a crack shot with a .9 mm! That is not docile. Sam needed someone that could match her sassy tongue and keep her in check. I think Sam met her match with Grant. Those are two Alpha’s that got what they deserved and needed, in each other.


katsrus said...

I have not read your books. They really sound interesting.
Sue B

LeslieJane said...

The book should be great, the two A;pha's fighting for dominance. Will have to get the book to see how it turns out.