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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Kaily Hart

What Would Your Grandmother Say?

I write hot, there’s no question about it. I just happen to think a romance, a love story, is incomplete if you don’t delve into the intimate moments between the hero and the heroine, the loves scenes, the sex scenes. I think it’s at those times that a person can be at their most vulnerable and it’s a great opportunity to further the story or evolve the characters. How characters act and react, what they say, what they do and how they touch before, during and after can provide valuable insight into the characters and help flesh out a more complex character. What happens immediately after can really be a pivotal part of the book. My stories for right now are contemporary romances and I try to be as current as possible, reflecting current issues, themes or trends. I try to use modern language and expression as much as possible, consistent with the characters, of course. And when I’m in the hero’s Point of View (POV) I try to be as honest as possible with what I suppose he might be thinking, feeling or grappling with. I also try to have some fun with these elements and use them for lighter moments.

So, what would my grandmother say about what and how I write? Well, one of them was a really cool lady. She might not have read anything I would have written (I’m not sure I would have wanted her to!), but she’d sure have a laugh about it. The other one? She’d truthfully probably be horrified! Shhh. I won’t tell her if you don’t!


Cathy M said...

I am totally hooked on erotic romance stories, especially those filled with amazing sexual chemistry and sexual tension. I look for those elements as well as the emotional connection in the stories that I pick.

booklover0226 said...

She might be horrified but she'll be happy that you're doing something you enjoy...maybe??

Tracey D

Kaily Hart said...

Cathy, I think it provides for a much richer story.

Tracey, I think you're right. She would be happy that I'm following my dream and doing something I love :).

Michelle said...

I think you are absolutely right! When someone is in a situation with hightened emotion, they don't have their "mask" on.

Thanks for the insight!