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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Isabel Roman

A recent conversation got me thinking about the romantic development. I tried explaining it to a non-writer friend who didn’t get it, but I think it’s more her not being a romance reader than anything.

The question is: How do you like your hero and heroine in an erotica? There’s sex-- then there’s romance. Does it bother you that the couple jumps into bed on page 2 or would you rather a bit of romance before that? Or even that they jump into bed but that the romance is also very strong?

By definition I’d say the latter, but everyone’s different. MY answer is: I don’t mind it both ways, so long as the opening encounter has some kind of story purpose. I want the sex to be integral to whatever the story is.

If not, then I want to see the development of the characters progress to the point I care about the characters getting involved in a sexual encounter. That they’ve teased me enough that I can’t wait for them to hop into bed. I find that very sexy.

What about you? How do you feel? What would you like to read?

1 comment:

LeslieJane said...

I agree, I like it both ways, but usually prefer them to get to know each other a bit before they jump into bed (or the kitchen counter, or the livingroom couch, ect). You want them to be a little discriminating in their sex life, and they really should know the person some before they have sex.