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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Kaily Hart

Does Reading Romance Run in the Family?

I used to think not, at least in my family. In fact, for many years I’m not sure my family were even aware I read romance and I didn’t exactly advertise the fact. Why?

Well, I’m still trying to figure that one out! I’d always thought my sister and I had vastly different tastes when it came to reading material. We have in almost everything else! She visited me over the summer and we spent a number of lazy days at the beach, enjoying leisurely meals cooked by my husband and hanging out with my kids. She lives a long way away, like in another country, so it was a great chance to just catch up and talk. Gosh, we hadn’t done that forever! Guess what? We discovered that there were a group of authors we both loved. Huh. Who would have thought? It still shocks me to think of it. I consider them to be romance, but I don’t think she would describe them as such. They are more mainstream paranormal/fantasy type series that, thanks to the Twilight madness, readers have been willing to try, readers like my sister. We talked about some common books we’d read, swapped recommendations for authors and chatted about the genre overall. It was so great to find that common ground, especially when it had been so unexpected and particularly now that it factors so prominently in my life. Wow, my sister reads romance too!

So, does a love of romance run in your family or are you the ‘black sheep’?


Cathy M said...

Though all three of my sisters love to read, I am the only die hard romance reader.

booklover0226 said...

I'm the only romance reader in the family. Most family members like to read mysteries and non-fiction.

Tracey D

Michelle said...

Sounds like I'm the lucky one! My mom and sister both read. My mom does signet regencies. I also love regencies but the mass market size with more steam to them.

My sister and I both read hot, hot books and love paranormals.

So there are differences but enough overlap that we could browse each other's books. We live in different states though.


Kaily Hart said...

Cathy/Tracey, funny how that works sometimes, huh?

Michelle, it's great that you have that commonality and romance has such a broad range of genres and heat levels. There really is something for everyone!