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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Isabel Roman

Five things I love about summer in no particular order:

1. Beach. I love and adore the ocean and would live there if I could. One day!

2. Traveling to places where I don’t need to bundle up to see anything.

3. Museums, they always seem to have the best stuff on display during the summer.

4. Sitting outside and enjoying my yard. This summer’s atrocious heat wave aside, it’s great to sit out there in the morning/evening and just relax

5. Longer days. Ben Franklin’s idea of daylight savings is all well and good when it works in your favor, but I don’t think he had no idea how hard it is to get up for work when it’s still pitch-black outside!

OK, and a #6…the warmth. Yeah, yeah this year’s atrocious heat wave aside, who likes being cold, all bundled up against the frigid winter, head down , not looking left or right or up, but down so your nose doesn’t fall off, with 7 feet of snow and blistering cold winds? NO ONE!!

What about you? Likes? Favs? Passions? Anywhere but here thoughts?

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