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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Little Red Rides in the Hood by Paul Martin

Red’s mother lay passed out on the sofa and her mom's latest boyfriend was beginning to give her that look again. She didn’t mind fucking him when he was sober, but not when he was slobbering drunk. Besides, it was time to go to work.

There were a lot of ways to make dough in the hood and Red knew them all: drugs, number running, mugging strangers. They each had their own risks, but Red had a safer way to make the money she needed-- exotic dancing.

She had her routine down pat and it never failed. As Sam the Sham sang Li’l Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good, she would come out on stage wearing a long red cloak, the hood up covering her face.

Red always started out strutting the length of the stage, showing a bit of leg here and there to get the audience warmed up. Then she would grab the pole and swing around it once allowing her cloak to swirl, revealing more of her body to the pervs. Once again she’d strut the stage, loosening the ties that held her cloak. Running back to the pole she’d swing around and around until the cloak went flying off revealing her red lace underwear, stockings and six inch red stilettos. The pervs really liked that.

During the rest of her show, as she’d slowly remove her bra and panties, she would scan the audience for her mark of the night. That was where she would make the big bucks, doing private dances for some schmuck with more dough than brains.

Tonight was no exception. She spotted him in the back row. Expensive suit, well groomed hair and that hungry look only a newbie or a married man would have. Usually she would just give them a dance and maybe fuck them if they were rich enough, but there was something different about this guy.

He had that clean cut look to him, probably married and henpecked. Well, she would show him a real good time and take his mind off of his bitch of a wife for awhile. Maybe a long while if she played her cards right.

Her show over, she went back stage and put her costume on again then went out front and sat next to him. He looked her straight in the eyes and she felt her thighs tingle with excitement. God, he was gorgeous! If she didn’t need the money to fix her car so she could blow this popsicle stand, she would fuck him for free.

Giving him her most seductive smile, she said, “My, what big blue eyes you have.”

“The better to see you with.”

“Mmmm, what full lips you have.”

“The better to kiss you with,“ he said while running his tongue across them.

“Oh my, what a long tongue you have.”

“The better to eat you with.”

“Would you like to?”

His voice, low and husky, sent shivers down her spine. “What did you have in mind?”

Red had to swallow hard before she could answer. “I thought you might like a private dance.”

“Just a dance?”

“Oh, for a generous guy like you, we might do a little talking?”

He chuckled and Red felt a hot puddle forming deep in her groin. She wanted to do him right there on the table.

“Is that what they call it around here? Talking?” When he took her by the hand jolts of electricity ran up her arm. “I know of a hotel near here,” he said.

Once they were in the room he pinned her against the closed door, covering her mouth with his. He kissed her hard and long. Their tongues met in a mad tangle of passion.

Within minutes they were both stripped naked and rolling on the lumpy bed. She grabbed him by his balls and kissed the top of his long, hard cock. “My, what a big dick you have!”

“The better to pleasure you with, my dear.”

Inch by inch, she tried to take it all in her mouth, but it was too long. Using her hand and lips she brought him close to coming then quickly rolled a condom down its hard length. Rising up on her knees, she slowly settled back down, guiding his cock inside her.

His width and length made her cry out in pleasured pain and gave her the first orgasm of the night. She rode him hard and fast. They were both sweating as their lust drove them to a frenzied height. His eruption shot deep inside her, nearly bursting the condom with his hot seed.

During the long, hot night he showed her many new positions and pleasures of the flesh. In the morning she couldn’t bear the thought of taking his money. He was the best fuck she ever had and she really liked the guy. She dressed hurriedly and left before he woke.

Later that afternoon she lay on her bed listening to her mother and her boyfriend fighting through the thin walls. She tried to block them out by thinking of the previous night. She didn’t care if he was rich or not, or even if he was married. She had to be with him. She had to have his body next to hers, his cock deep inside her, and she didn’t even know his name.

She was almost asleep when she heard a horn blowing outside her window. Looking outside she saw a block long limo and he was standing next to it. Red ran out of her room and down the stairs.

“There you are,” he said. ”I’ve been looking for you. You left these behind,” he said, holding up a pair of red panties.

She was hoping he would come for her, and here he was.

‘Thanks,” was all she could muster.

Opening the car door, he said, “By the way, my name is Wolfgang. But you can call me Wolf.”

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