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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Violette Dubrinsky

Background of Fallen-The Tale of a Dark God

I originally wrote Fallen as a collaboration short-story for Halloween. However, I loved the characters so much that it was easy to expand the book without adding words just for fodder. Fallen actually began with the main character being an angel. I’ve always liked “fallen angel” stories and wanted to write one myself. However, as I thought about it, I decided to make my fallen angel a dark god. Why? Because it allowed me to venture into territory that was, well, juicier.

Although I knew I wanted to write about a fallen god, I didn’t know where to begin, so I went onto Google (bow down to the greatness of this search engine), typed in ‘dark gods’ and ran a search. That was how I learned of Nyx and Erebos, and their incredible children. I’ve always been fascinated by mythology so it wasn’t hard to start imagining their world in my head. Thanatos immediately jumped out at me as the God of Death. I thought he would be a perfect dark god to write about, and what was even better, he had a twin, Hypnos, who was the God of Dreams. Essentially, the night and day, light and dark, factor came into play. Once I had my main character, I had to formulate a plot that would bring this powerful dark god to his knees.

Once this was done, I had to find him a woman. Because Thanatos is the God of Death, I couldn’t just give him to any woman. She had to be special. The character of Simone Randall came to me over the course of days. I sat and stared off into space, thinking about the type of character she should be. Quiet and mousy, waiting to be broken out of her shell, or confident and secure...? She had to be different from the goddesses you’re introduced to in Fallen, but similar enough to Thanatos that she could survive in his world. I ultimately settled on a woman who was confident, but at times insecure—a flawed character to which many women can relate. Creating Simone’s character was fun, as was creating the secondary characters who serve as her friends, and at times, the comic relief.

Once the characters and the first part of the plot were set in motion, the story followed. I don’t write using outlines, so I have no idea how the story is going to turn out until I write the last chapter. Thanatos and Simone’s story took me on a pleasant journey, and I’m quite happy to share their journey with you.

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