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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Kaily Hart

Why do YOU Read Romance?

I’m not fat, ugly, unmarried or ‘needing to get laid’, but I read romance, usually of the hot and steamy variety. Someone actually identified these attributes to me as characteristics of women who read ‘that stuff’. Can you believe it? Yes it was a ‘he’, but there are also many women who think romance is trashy fiction unworthy of them.

I tend to think they’re thinking about the ‘bodice ripper’ type stories of the past, and although there are still books in that vein today, the romance genre has expanded in leaps and bounds out into many other sub-genres. It has also broached across into other areas of popular fiction.

Sometimes it’s hard to classify a book as a romance novel because it may also have strong elements of intrigue, suspense, historical perspective, paranormal or fantasy. I figure people read romance for a variety of reasons, probably very personal and very individual. Me? I started reading it because it provided a relief from my crazy work schedule, even crazier family situation and just allowed me to…escape, even if it was just for ten minutes at a time.

I read more to the hot side of things because I think those intimate moments provide a valuable window into characters and there’s such an opportunity to grow them in these types of scenes. The book would kind of feel incomplete to me otherwise. And really, I read romance because let’s face it, life has a lot of harsh realities, challenges and issues that we face everyday. It’s nice to escape into a ‘feel good’ book where good triumphs over evil and love wins the day.

So, why do YOU read romance?


desitheblonde said...

hi i love to read the books form
all kind of authros and i love to blog on them and will on fb twitter and other site i love the book and get in to t hem alot

Cathy M said...

I've been reading romances since high school, from sweet and prim in the early years, to wonderfully erotic. Need to thank Ellora's Cave for introducing me to erotic romance stories, and I've been hooked on the steamy storylines every since. They are definitely my escape from the craziness of family life, and I love that I can find any kind of storyline to fit my mood.

Michelle said...

I started reading romances in middle school. I started with the nurse/doctor harlequins.

I read them for the same reasons as you. There's so much bad news in the world, it's nice to have an assured happy ending.

One thing I just don't get, people blast romances as unrealistic. As if sci-fi is based on reality?

My mother in-law and sister-inlaws were talking about how they don't read *those* kinds of books 9meaning romances. They went on to talk about how great VC Andrews books are. Don't get me wrong, I read them at one time too but incest and murder are good and love bad?


Kaily Hart said...

That's great desitheblonde!

Cathy, I got started on EC books back in 2003 although I have noticed established authors getting hotter and hotter.

Michelle, I don't get that either. There's a long way for the genre to go to overcome those kind of sentiments. ID like to try and do something about that.