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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Isabel Roman

What’s your favorite superhero movie?

I came up with that question and then thought Crap, I don’t even know my own! I mean I’m a big Wolverine fan (thank you, Hugh Jackman…yum…) but there’s also Iron Man (course that might have something to do with a very buff Robert Downey Jr.) and the first Spiderman.

I guess if we take away the Hollywood thinking of bigger must be better, I’d go with the first Christopher Reeve Superman. Seriously! It was such a character driven story that even today you don’t cringe (other than at the clothes!) at the terrible special effects. You remember the story and the connection between Clark/Superman and Lois Lane.

So what drives us to return to the superhero movie again and again? The kickass special effects? Possibly, but so did GI Joe and the first Hulk move and both of those sucked!

No, I think it’s more of a remembrance from childhood, the clear delineation between good and evil, the cool powers everyone always wanted. It takes us back to simpler times (whether or not they truly were) and those memories are always the purest.

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robynl said...

I agree about the simpler times.