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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Author Interview: Tory Richards

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Tory Richards, whose latest book Talk Dirty to Me was recently released by Ellora's Cave. She also shared with me the exciting news that she has a new book coming out soon by the same publisher, Breathless Surrender as well as a new book coming out from The Wild Rose Press, All the Right Moves.

I asked her to tell us a little bit about some of her books.

In Talk Dirty to Me, Lilly has been in love with her brother's best friend Blake for years. She lost her virginity to the oil driller on her eighteenth birthday, only to wake the next morning to find him gone. After he pulled that stunt twice more, she swore never to see or talk to him again. But now he's back for her brother's wedding, and he's as sexy as she remembers.

Blake thinks Lilly's even sexier than ever. Unable to resist one another, they don't make it out of the airport parking lot before taking up where they left off. As the two rediscover their passion for each other, nothing and nowhere is off limits!
In All the Right Moves, Annie McCall finds a patient dead in her office, and now she's on the run for her life. Detective Marshall Thomas is willing to break the rules to protect the beautiful doctor, but who will protect her from him? It isn't long before the only danger Annie's facing is the sizzling heat between the sheets.
Tory told me that the heat between the hero and heroine, and lots of it, makes a good erotic story in her opinion.

"It doesn't always have to lead to sex," she explained. "Half the turn on is the anticipation and the journey there."

One thing she finds as a public misconception about erotic romance is confusing it with porn.

"There's a big difference. Porn is all about the sex. There's no plot. Erotic romance has a story line. And emotions are involved."

She admitted she doesn't do research for her stories.

"That would be too much like school," she declared, "and I hated school. I have a very active imagination. And- there's always the Internet. Although, I would like to say that I write from experience."

"Is there a boundary between porn and erotic romance you personally will never cross?" I asked.

"I learned very recently not to say never. I swore you'd never see two things in my stories-- the F word and the female C word. As much as I feel the F word should remain in the bedroom, it slipped out a few times in Talk Dirty to Me."

Tory's first book, Cupid's Arrow, was a sweet romance. Each book she wrote after that, however, contained a little more heat and a little more sex. The sex started getting more explicit—and then so did the words.

"The words were the hardest part for me to overcome," she admitted. "The first time I wrote cock down-- a few pages later I went back and erased it. Then later I added it back in, only to go back and erase it again. I finally left it in."

On a personal note, I asked Tory, "If you could be anyone, who would it be?"

"Raquel Welch," she said promptly. "Have you seen her lately? She's ageless. I swear I think she made a pact with the devil. She gets more beautiful every year."

When it comes to body piercings, Tory said that the location of the piercing is what makes it sexy and the sexiest spot would be the belly button. The piercing just draws the eye to that part of the body.

Some of Tory's favorites:

Favorite food for eating off tummy or other body parts—"Chocolate tastes good on anything. Whipped cream, too. Chocolate and whipped cream on nuts is my favorite."

Favorite food in general—"any kind of sandwich."

Favorite food to hate—"Brains."

Favorite letter—"O. Like King Authur's round table, everyone is equal."

"Can you tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi?" I wondered.

"I sure can! Some people think there's no difference but there is. Pepsi is sweeter than coke."

Her strangest habit? Letting her ice cream get soft before she eats it.

When she's not writing, she can usually be found doing something with her family. They love to travel together, and she admitted that traveling with them brings out the adventurer in her. In fact, it was her family, especially her daughter and niece, who encouraged her to first submit her work to a publisher. She took their advice and that first sweet romance was the result.

Finally, I asked Tory what advice she would give to other authors who wanted to write erotica.

"Read! There are a lot of authors out there who write great erotica. Live it! Experiment with your other half. Dress up, eat food off each other, switch roles. Let your imagination run wild, you'll be surprised at where it will take you! But, mainly, believe in yourself."

You can keep up with Tory on her blog,

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