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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Inez Kelley

Me again. Today is Wednesday and that is my heaviest laundry day. (Wednesday is also called HUMP day so yeah, a little tongue-in-cheek humor there.) It’s the day I tackle the things like tee shirts, shorts, kids’ clothes and all that lovely stuff. I am forever finding little hidden gems in my twins’ pockets: a toy dinosaur, a plastic lizard, jellybeans that have melted and the ever-popular ‘pretty rocks’. No matter how carefully I check each pocket, I usually end up with a surprise in the dryer. The plastic toys I don’t mind so much. The crayons and candy I do. They melt and get all over everything and I then have to rewash half of the clean things.

Surprises are like that, you never know what the outcome will be. In book #2 of the Dirty Laundry series, TALK DIRTY TO ME, that is a dilemma Dr. Jarod Reed faces. Using his cell phone, he pretended to be someone other than himself and sweet talked – okay, dirty talked- Nora MacGregor into revealing her deepest sexual fantasies. Now he wants to live out those fantasies with her, in person. When Nora finds out her smooth-voiced dream man is an ordinary English Professor, will she cut him off?

This story is a co-write with Ginny Glass and we had a blast writing it. It is smart, steamy and designed to engage your mind as well as your libido. The prize package DIRTY LAUNDRY BASKET is geared for this second story. Inside are little items that symbolize the book. A free download of the ebook TALK DIRTY TO ME, Nancy Friday’s ‘Women On Top’, a calling card, a naughty cake of soap and a Silver Bullet all tie in nicely to the story and could be yours!


“Tell me what you want. Talk dirty to me.”

Biologist Nora MacGregor is frantic when she loses her dissertation research notes on Female Sexuality —and some very personal written fantasies. Then a sinful stranger calls with a wicked proposition: if she talks dirty to him, he’ll return her notes, page by page. “James” allows Nora to explore her deepest desires and challenges her clinical ideas about sex. But James can’t give her the loving touches she finds in her budding relationship with Dr. Jarod Reed.

Jarod seized an opportune moment to fulfill his desire for Nora by becoming the mysterious James. While the anonymous, erotic phone sessions are unforgettable, Jarod longs to tell Nora he wants more than just talk. But how can he confess his deception without it costing him the chance to make their fantasies a reality?

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Lanae T. said...

Laundry is absolutely not my favorite thing! But, I am amazed sometimes at what I find in the pockets.

I think this book sounds awesome! It's on my to-read list!

ftatman5 at

Amy S. said...

Talk Dirty to Me sounds great! I tend to find change, candy, or rocks in the laundry here. My nephew likes to put alot of stuff in his pockets. The nieces put gum and candy in theirs.

Sharon K said...

My granddaughter caught some tiny baby frogs one day several summers ago. She put them in her pocket to take home without anyone knowing. My daughter found them when she was folding the shirt, she said the inside of the pocket was just nasty and never ever wanted to see anything like that again! She's an LPN. I'm just glad she never did anything that!

Inez Kelley said...

Sharon... ewwww

I think the worst for me(from the kids) was a pocket full of macaroni and cheese. No, I have no idea why he had a pocket of Mac and Chez, but he did.

My daughter is forever forgetting her lip glosses and those things MELT!

JulieD said...

I find stuff like dog treats and hardware (screws, nails, etc.) but my dad is notorious for sticking weird things in his pockets.

The most memorable being turkey.

Yup. Turkey from Thanksgiving dinner. He'd been sneaking some out of the cold-room, and in a panic stuffed it in his pocket so my mother wouldn't catch him. Forgotten, it turned up in the laundry a couple of days later.

TALK DIRTY TO ME is such a fabulous book. I bought it on release day. Later that night, thinking i'd read a couple of pages, read the whole thing! Ginny & Inez, you rock!

robynl said...

I find money, screws, nails, pens etc. in dh's pockets.

I like the excerpts from Talk Dirty to Me.

Inez Kelley said...

Today's laundry bounty so far:

handful of change
green army men
one chapstick
two legos

Kate Pearce said...

Nowadays the things from my teenagers that might get into the laundry include more valuable things like car keys, cell phones, money, credit cards, wallets. I have to be really careful :) Congrats on the book!

iokijo said...

No kids here just animals.. so am usually washing alot due to hair.. but if I don't watch the sorted piles the cats will hide stuff in them. Stolen pens,baretts,hair bands.. dead moths/hardshell bugs from their outside pen.. catnip cat toys etc.. almost as bad as kids..

finished "Talk Diry to me" last night.. great read.. I have to say I'm glad you 2 went with Jerod and not Jasper. He's too hot for a name like Jasper.. lol

Michelle said...

Hey, I sympathize with your kids over the "pretty rocks". Put me on the river bed and I start roaming for those as well!

The books sounds great! How did you and Ginny Glass pair up?

Julie said...

The best thing to find in the laundry, in my opinion, is money you forgot you stashed. Pre-wash, of course. ;) The worst? Tissues.

lindseye said...

I have forgotton to check my pockets and found coins, paper bills and tissues. The worst is when I forgot a pen and had ink over everything. had to throw the entire load out.
linze_e at

Anonymous said...

All of these sound so good. Darn it going to spend money at Carina Press very soon!

flchen1 said...

I only find things I don't want to find! Like sand, rocks, twigs, rusted paperclips, and other random trash my kids collect... *sigh* This series sounds fabulous, and quite laundry inspiring ;)