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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: D. Renee Bagby

Reality TV Goes Interstellar

Everyone remembers the reality TV craze. How could you forget? There was a time when you couldn’t turn on your TV without being overrun with one reality TV show or another. Survival, crazy dares, insane roommates, and network-produced strife ruled the airways. Everyone had their own gimmick to top the other shows.

I have to admit a few of the shows sucked me in as well. I couldn’t help it. Besides, there wasn’t much else to watch. Some good did come of it though. I got the idea for ACKNOWLEDGING MEIRION. Hey, everyone else was cashing in on the reality TV phenomenon. Why not me too? Teehee.

A contemporary romance with a reality TV backdrop was too mundane for me. I had to add a twist. Why not have it be a reality TV show for an alien race that is obsessed with Earth and its inhabitants? Why not make it more like a nature reality show where the cameramen are visible to the observed and the viewers? Why not make the aliens fey?

I did it all and put it under my alter ego, Zenobia Requist. The fey aren’t an ancient mythological race with magical powers. The Fey are an alien race with super science. They visited Earth once before but got tired of being worshipped and/or feared. They decided to leave and come back once Earth had matured technologically a bit more. However, their first visit left a lasting impression and stories of the Fey lived on in our myths and legends.

Fast forward to the present. The Fey have returned and they want to observe humans in their natural habit. The reality TV craze has crossed the cosmos and landed in Meirion’s home. She’s one of the lucky people chosen to be observed. It’s a stressful time for her since she’s constantly being watched, except when she’s in the bathroom.

Her cameramen aren’t allowed to interact with her in any way, shape, or form. Despite that, Meirion has developed feelings for Kiar, and she’s fairly sure those feelings are reciprocated. The only way to find out is to make him break the network policy of no acknowledgment.

It’s easier said than done since Kiar is a very career-oriented individual who refuses to compromise his work ethic no matter what his heart may want. He presents a challenge to Meirion and she drags along the home viewers on her quest to get a reaction out of Kiar. In the end, it’s up to Kiar whether he’ll give in to the temptation of acknowledging Meirion.

Science Fantasy, Mainstream Interracial
Red Rose Publishing

No acknowledgment -- but is true love the exception?

Meirion Flatt is one of a handful of people participating in the human version of a nature show for an alien race known as the Fey. Kiar, one of the three men chosen to film her, has awakened emotions in her she hasn’t felt since her husband died. She can’t tell if the feelings are mutual or one-sided, but she’s willing to find out.

Kiar takes great pride in doing his job correctly and that pride means everything to him. The network he works for has a strict rule of no acknowledgment. He’s meant to observe, not interact—no matter what. When Meirion sets out to seduce him, his job becomes that much harder.

Two of the universe's most stubborn people are about to clash in a new battle of the sexes. This competition has no rules and neither Meirion nor Kiar is willing to lose. It's her heart versus his pride. Will victory lead to joint happiness or both their defeats as Kiar struggles against... Acknowledging Meirion

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60435-043-2

Print ISBN: 978-1-60435-918-3

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Michelle said...

I really enjoyed the excerpt. I have to admit, having sex in front of an entire population, even if it is light years away isn't happening with this girl! There is a sort of voyerism that's fun for fantasy though!


D. Renee Bagby said...

I totally know what you mean. I could NEVER do something like that. Knowing my luck, if I did, even if it was an interstellar broadcast, I would probably end up meeting someone who had seen it. Instant embarrassment on a GRAND scale. :P

Still that was the scene that started the book. I had that one scene stuck in my head for the longest and decided to write a book around it. I had fun doing it too.

~ Renee