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Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Last Kiss by B.A. Taylor

Suzanne could not remember the last time she had gotten a good night sleep. Actually now that she thought about it she could; it was the night before her entire life when crashing down around her, the night before her husband’s tragic car accident.

She did not expected tonight to be any different. She lay in her empty bed mourning the loss of her husband wishing she could see him for just a moment so she could have one last kiss and say goodbye. She stayed that way until her grief forced her to cry herself to sleep.

As sleep overcame her she began to feel a calming sensation she had not felt in weeks. Then she realized she was no longer in her room but instead she was in the cottage she and Greg had spent a week at when they had first gotten married. It had been the best vacation they had ever taken and they had been making plans to return when he died.

As she looked around confused she suddenly felt strong arms circle around her and she automatically stiffened and gasped. But when she took the breath in she quickly recognized the musky male scent.

“I have missed you” a deep baritone voice said from behind her. She quickly turned and wiped away the moisture in her eyes so she could see better. It was really him.

“Oh, Greg.”

She had missed the feeling of his lips taking possession of hers. How many times she had wished she could have one more chance to show him how much she had loved him.

He let out a moan deep in his throat before picking her up and carrying her to the bed. He placed her on the smooth sheets before collapsing on top of her making sure their mouths stayed infused. When he finally pulled his mouth away they were both flustered and breathing heavy.

Then he moved his hand down and ripped the buttons from her blouse to allow him to cup her breast in his hand and just looked into her eyes. There was nothing they could say to each other that their bodies could not explain better.

When he moved away from her she grabbed at him afraid that if they lost contact he would disappear and she would be alone again. He moved out of her reach and began to remove his clothes. Realization took hold and she followed his lead.

Once they were both nude he climbed on top of her again this time capturing her hard nipple in his mouth.

Then Greg slowly moved his hand down her body until he reached her core. He pushed his fingers into her opening gathering some of her juices, then rubbed the juices on her clit, teasing it as it hardened further under his ministration. She began to feel her body coil inside in the anticipation of the orgasm soon to come. Then he pushed a finger inside of her allowing his thumb to continue the work on her clit. Suzanne could not stop the moan that escaped from her lips even if she had wanted to.

“Come for me, babe” Greg whispered to her. “I want to watch your head fly back and your eyes roll as you soak my fingers.” He pushed another digit into her.

His voice and the new invader in her body was enough to send her over the edge and just when she began to recover and she returned to her body she felt him remove his fingers to only be replaced by the head of his cock pushing inside of her.

Greg captured her lips again as he began to move in and out of her body only releasing them to take a breath to go back to allowing his mouth to make love to hers as his cock was making love to her cunt. Starting slowly at first then building the pressure until she could no longer handle it. She was sent screaming into another orgasm and, after one more deep stroke that penetrated her straight to her heart, Greg followed.

They lay there for a minute with him still draped on top of her until he lifted his hand and wiped her cheek forcing her to realize she was crying.

“Sweetie, don’t do that please” he pleaded with not only his voice, but also his eyes causing her to cry harder and tremble beneath him forcing his body out of hers.

“I know I am going to wake up alone. I can’t do it, Greg; I cannot live without you. Please don’t make me.”

She looked away ashamed of herself for begging, knowing it was not his fault, but still she knew she would not be able to go on without him.

His body went rigid above hers then he slid off of her, grabbing her, and dragging her with him so that he could hold her. “You don’t know why you are here do you?” he asked.

She looked up at him puzzled now. She was dreaming, wasn’t she? It was the only way to be with the only man she would ever love, the man who took a piece of her soul when he died.

Greg placed his fingers under her chin forcing her to meet his eyes. “Sweetie, I don’t know how to tell you this, but—um-- you passed away in your sleep.”

“What… how… that can’t be…” she began to protest.

“You couldn’t handle living without me. The doctors are going to rule it heart failure, but on this side we know you really died from a broken heart,” he said gently.

She sat there for a few moments thinking about what he just said, trying to understand all of it. Then she smiled as the words he said penetrated.

“So I can stay with you forever now?” she asked, yearning in her voice.

Greg laughed and replied, "We will be together for all eternity; now kiss me.”

And that was exactly what she did.

BIO: After years of obsessively reading, vivid dreams, and a love for story telling, I decided to take my imagination to a new level and start writing.

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