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Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Renee Field

Us Canadians Like to Write Hot

What’s with being a Canadian erotica writer? Whenever I tell people I’m a Canadian and I write erotica I get the ‘look’. I’m not talking about the 'what you write erotic’ look, I’m talking about the ‘what a Canadian writes erotic’. Seriously, is it just me that feels that way? I know us Canadians are all about peace but many of us are very passionate.

I know a number of other Canadian erotic writers like my fellow Ellora’s Cave authors Christine d’Abo and Cathryn Fox, who also writes for NAL, Harlequin Spice Briefs, Samhain and my good friend Lilly Cain, who writes for both Red Sage and Carina Press. There are tons more out there and we all live double lives (lol).

I have to quickly say that when the other moms I know found out what I wrote they all wanted to read it. Of course, I thought they were being polite but a few weeks later a few of them came right up to be with a big smile plastered on their faces telling me how much they enjoyed my erotic reads and how surprised they were that I wrote them. Okay, maybe I should confess that my hot look only goes as far at the color of my hair but inside my mind a thousand stories are brewing.

I want to hear from my fellow Canadian erotic writers. What you love about erotic writing? The preconceived notions when other non-Canadians, or even when your neighbor finds out you write erotica. Tell us your stories.

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