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Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Inez Kelley

Hi, my name is Inez Kelley and I despise dirty laundry. Well socks, underwear and towels, that kind of laundry. I don’t mind washing and folding it, but putting it away is a pain. With young twin boys, there is ALWAYS laundry. A never-ending cycle of gather, wash, dry, fold and put away. Repeat. If I had one wish in life, I would give serious consideration to a laundress. I don’t mind cooking and cleaning but laundry sucks the life right out of me.

But there is one type of dirty laundry I do love. Ginny Glass and I got together and wrote a series of erotic romance novellas using the theme DIRTY LAUNDRY, where hidden secrets and private fantasies are exposed. What comes out in the wash isn’t always pretty but it is truthful and sometimes, you discover more than you thought you would. Like that forgotten $20 in your hubby’s pants pocket, our characters discover that their deepest, dirtiest secrets can have a happy ending when revealed.

What is your secret?

What makes your body flush with heat, your eyes close in want, your hands tremble in suppressed longing?

Do you crave a spanking? Do you dream of a stranger?

Or do you fantasize about your best friend?

Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies, everyone has something to hide

Come take a spin with us, watch all our secrets come out in the wash

Steamy, sizzling secrets revealed

All summer long. Come see our


Every day this week, I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself and each book in the DIRTY LAUNDRY series and at the end, one lucky person will win a very special DIRTY LAUNDRY BASKET. This is not the type of basket that holds jam-stained shirts and sweaty socks. It is more romance-oriented and themed perfectly to match TALK DIRTY TO ME, book #2 in the series which releases today from Carina Press.

Come back and enjoy!


Sherry said...

I won the first two books in this series from another contest. I haven't had a chance to read them yet but I plan on it soon. I this this sounds like a great series. I hate doing the laundry even though now it's just me but growing up I had to help my sister wash clothes for the family (7 total) and I just can't stand to touch anyone's dirty clothes.

robynl said...

what an interesting sounding series; I don't mind laundry and what makes it great is my laundry room is on the main floor.


Inez Kelley said...

Sherry - I hope you like them! I truly despise laundry and wish there were such things as disposable clothes!

Robyn - that makes a huge difference. My old house had laundry equipment in the basement which was depressing as hell. Now it is in the sunroom and... well, not depressing but still a chore.

flchen1 said...

Yummy, Inez! It seems like the laundry is a never-ending chore--every once in a while, I think, "Hey, I just did 10 loads--I should be all done!" Then I'll turn around and realize that the kids have just generated a new couple loads while I was foolishly counting my chickens...

Can't wait to read this series--it sounds pretty exciting (way more so than the usual laundry that awaits me!)

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Sharon K said...

Oh wow this series sounds hot! Could use some hot reads!!!
Hate laundry, hate housework in general, it gets in the way. I need maids. ;)
Thanks for having this contest!!!

Julie said...

What an intriguing premise...tell us more. ;) And the covers are excellent!

Laundry is among my least favorite household chores, and washing the dishes pretty much tops the list. That and dusting. Is that weird?

iokijo said...

LOL.. noticed everyone skipped the what's your secret might have to go with emailed answers for that one.
Don't mind the washing & drying, or even hanging to dry.. it's the folding/hanging/put away that I hate. Almost as bad as the rewashing if I don't do it from the cats feeling the need to lay in the clean clothes..
Still need to get coin operated..skipped ahead to Jerod..glad you 2 changed the name..which I'm off here to get back to reading..
Congrats on the release..

lindseye said...

Laundry rooms on the main floor of the house do make laundry less of a chore.

linze_e at

Amy S. said...

This series sounds very good! I hate doing laundry too.