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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Going Down? by Dakota Trace

“Oh, man! Let me taste!” The plea that passed Reba’s lips had her best friend Sophia shaking her head. Both women were sitting in the cafeteria at New Designs Gaming. The object of their lust, the company’s hunky new computer tech, seemed to be oblivious to their attention.

“God, he reminds me of that guy – you know the one on that TV show,” Reba gushed.

Sophia turned her attention from the man back to Reba. “What are you talking about?

“You know that new show – the one with the thief, the hacker, the mastermind, the grifter, and that scrumptious hitter?”

Sophia tilted her head and reached for her soda. “I don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about, Reba.” As a rule of thumb, Sophia rarely watched television preferring to bury her nosed in one of her trusty classics, like A Tale of Two Cities, when she wasn’t designing games.

“Oh, you’re such a bookworm! He’s darn near the spitting image of Christian Kane on Leverage.”

She gave her friend a bewildered look. The new series, which was on its third season, had been an instant hit and it was all everyone was talking about. “Huh?”

“Oh my God, You are utterly hopeless. He’s the hitter – the long haired one?” When she still seemed confused, Reba grabbed a magazine out of her lunch bag. After ruffling through the pages, she turned it towards Sophia then pointed to a glossy picture. “Him!”

Sophia humored her friend by glancing down at the picture of the broad shouldered man wearing a dark blue t-shirt and leather bomber jacket. His sable colored hair fell loose touching his shoulders, framing his chiseled features. His blue eyes seemed to leap right off the page. She tried to compare the man in the picture to the one who was standing and getting ready to leave the cafeteria.

“Come on, you’re surely not that obtuse, Sophie!”

Watching the man leave the room, Sophia’s gaze landed on the huge clock over the door.

“Come on, Reba, we’re gonna be late if we don’t hurry.”

* * * *
They parted ways at the bank of elevators as Reba had to go up two floors to reach her workspace in the publicity department, and Sophia had to go down three floors to reach her own cubicle in the video design department.

She had just pushed the button for her destination when a deep voice echoed down the hall. “Hold that elevator!”

Hitting the open door button, her heart leapt as the man they’d been ogling in the cafeteria entered the elevator.

“Thanks.” He gave her a smile and relaxed against the railing. “Level 2.” She pressed the button for the floor above her own and tried not to stare at the man, but she knew she’d failed miserably when he stiffened.

“Look, I know I look like him but come on.” The disgust in his voice surprised her.

Staring into his eyes, she couldn’t help but point out the differences. “A bit but your eyes are green…” She would’ve continued if the alarm hadn’t rung as the elevator jerked to a stop. Stumbling badly, she would’ve fallen if he hadn’t caught her. A flash of physical awareness warred with fear.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m sure it’s just a power surge. They’ll have us going again in a minute.”

She nodded as her eyes focused on his sensual lips. When they parted she did something she’d never done in her sheltered life - she stood on tiptoe and pressed her mouth against his. He went rigid against her. She realized her mistake and moved away from him only to be stopped by his hands at her waist.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” Heat filled her cheeks.

“Is it because of him?” His voice was curiously flat.

“No...I don’t even watch TV. If Reba hadn’t…” Whatever she’d been about to say was swallowed by his kiss. Her arms slid up to wrap around his neck when his tongue traced the seam of her lips. Parting them, a moan filled the elevator when their tongues touched. Before she knew what happened, she felt the wall against her back and the full length of his body pressing hers. Desire like she’d never felt before consumed her. She forgot all about her surroundings or whether or not it was appropriate to be necking with a strange man. A tortured groan escaped the man as he tore his mouth from hers. His hand cupped her breast. Tipping her head back, she drew in a ragged breath when the caress of his thumb through her blouse grazing her nipple had her rubbing against the hard wedge of flesh pressing against her stomach.

“Fuck!” His mouth fastened on hers once more as his hips bucked against her. Threading her fingers through his hair, she whimpered as the coil in her stomach tightened to the point of snapping. She’d never been turned on so fast in her life. When he lifted one of her legs and hooked it over his hip, she gave a startled cry. It placed his hard cock in direct contact with her clit and her control snapped as she came.

The man ripped his mouth away from hers. “God damn! That was so fucking sexy.” His hips continued to rock against hers, drawing out her pleasure even as the elevator jerked. He let her leg drop, but kept her pressed against the side of the elevator as it started to descend once more.

When her eyes met his, he gave a crooked smile. Before she could apologize, he pressed his finger against her lips.

“I’m Luka. Sophia, right?”

She nodded.

“Dinner tonight?”

The sensual promise in his eyes had her accepting. “Yes.”

“Good. I’ll pick you up in the front lobby after work.”

The elevator doors opened, he released her and strode from the elevator, leaving Sophia with a small but excited smile on her lips.

About the author: Dakota Trace is a simple Midwest girl, who has found her passion in storytelling at a young age. She wrote her first novel her freshman year on an old electric IBM typewriter. Writing in several different genres, she is now a published author with multiple books under belt.

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