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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Renee Field

Writing Habits?

Do you have a writing ritual? I know I do. I need at least a pot of hot coffee either brewed or easily available. I also can’t see mess when I look up from the computer when I’m writing in my house. When I know there is a huge mess that my kids left behind, I make my way to my local Starbucks so I can plug in and get at least two hours of work done. Honestly, if I stayed at home, I would have been less productive because the mess issue would have driven me nuts. I also have to read a full chapter of my work I might have completed the day before and then plunge into writing.

When I’m working on two different genres I can’t write one before I’ve finished at least a first draft of the other. Switching tones and heat level is hard for me.

Do you have a writing habit? Do you put on sexy music to get you in the mood when writing erotica? Or do you tune into CBC like me when I’m typing like mad. I can tune that out when need be but I’m a bit of a news junkie so it’s always playing in the background. Let me know what works for you. It might be something much more efficient than my habits.

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