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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Inez Kelley

Finally, it’s Friday! Years and years ago, when I worked a 9-5 job, that meant a lot more to me. Now it means the delicate and specialty laundry. All those lovely little items that require special care such as lay-flat-to-dry, hand-wash, or spot-clean only get tackled on one day. And God forbid, that red sweatshirt my daughter loves that bleeds on everything no matter how I wash it. That sucker gets washed alone!

Sometimes I have a lot of this and it makes the day last twice as long. Other times, there is only one or two items and wheeee, free time! Free time is ‘me’ time. I read or do some other task that normally gets crowded out of the daily time-crunch, like I might actually shower, shave my legs and pluck my eyebrows! Rip roarin’ fun there!

But even ten extra minutes where I am not accountable for someone or some task is a tiny breath of heaven and I grab hold of it. I never watch TV. I am a sad sad case of pop culture indifference who has never seen So You Think You Can Dance, NCIS, or any other must-see show. Why waste those precious few minutes watching TV when a whole world of books is waiting on me? My wanna-read pile is taller than I am!

Escape. That is what I want. To escape into a story and let it carry me away from the everyday grind of life, especially the laundry. I try to provide that for others with my writing. From my romantic comedy JINXED, to my fantasy-world in MYLA BY MOONLIGHT and SALOME AT SUNRISE, to the erotic side of human nature in the DIRTY LAUNDRY series, I hope I have given readers an escape.

And now, one of you gets something more! A DIRTY LAUNDRY GIFT BASKET for when you can steal some ‘me’ time for yourself. From me to you, enjoy!


Sharon K said...

My me time is after my husband goes to bed, around 10pm. Then I can read for an hour or two. I do have a few TV shows I like to watch, 1 or 2 a night few nights a week.

iokijo said...

I have absoulutely no luck trying to care for that kind of clothes.. I gave up & avoid them at all cost.
Friday is just another day to me, sometimes I don't even know it's
I don't watch TV either.. there are too many books I want to read. After not being able to read for almost 20yrs, and now being "at risk" of loosing the ability agian I make sure I take time for it every night.. esp. for print books.
Congrats again on the new release Inez.. it's a great story. I look fwd to Coming Clean.
A big Thank you for the contest.. good luck everyone

Heather B. said...

My me time is also after hubby goes to bed. he works 6-3 so he's usually in bed by 10:00. Grandbaby follows shortly there after so that's when I get most of my reading done.

I also like to hide in the bathtub and read. That's when no one bothers me.

I admit, I am a TV junkie and watch all those shows you haven't seen. I am usually reading while watching though. I have so many books.

BTW - have to say I love the dirty laundry series with you and Ginny. I have read and reviewed the 1st 2 for netgalley and have yours to review next. I can't wait to see what you came up with.

will there be more in this series or is that it?

Caffey said...

I so love to escape into a book! They have to 'wake' me here from within the book, if they ask me something. It takes me a moment to get out of the book and focus on what they are saying! I love to read in my room in the evening. Its when, hopefully, everyone else is doing their thing and its later at night and I can just take that time for me and read! I especially love the weekend evenings because not much on TV so I read more. I'm not one to watch much but those days I do are an escape too! Your fantasy world in your books sounds like the perfect escape!

Too, your post reminded me of the other extreme, I'd wake up in the middle of the night remembering that I need to put clothes in dryer so we all have clothes for the next day!

Have a great weekend Inez!

Amy S. said...

Love when I get extra me time! I usually read or watch a movie I've been wanting to see. I usually sneak into the pool early in the morning while nieces and nephew are still in bed. Can't swim with nephew. He's wants to see who swims the fastest and heaven forbid if you win. lol.

lindseye said...

I have not watched a lot of tv recently and try to read every chance I get.

Inez Kelley said...

Heather, I am not sure. Ginny and I have no other Dirty Laundry stories contracted but we do have some ideas and working bits going back and forth. We are not OPPOSED to the idea and actually would love to work together on some more stories. You never know what we will get into! If/when we do have some more, you can bet we will shout it out!

Michelle said...

I am getting more and more me time. The kids are teenagers and one is leaving home soon. I love TV and watch while doing chores. Ironing isn't so bad in front of the TV!

Like Heather, I've read a book at the same time as watching a show.

I gave up on delicates as well.

Nicole said...

I really need that gift basket.. I rarely ever get "me" time. The hubby and I are so broke we can't afford to do anything but stay home and hang out together. At least he gives me my reading time. *wipes brow*

Julie said...

I also try to avoid delicates and such inevitably ends up ruined in my clumsy hands.

I watch a lot of TV shows, none of them reality TV. I dislike anything of that ilk. But escaping in stories is a wonderful way to spend "me" time!

diva donna said...

OMG!!! I'm retired. And now I have alot of ME time. And I love to spend it reading. I do get my housework done when I feel like it. I have a beautiful garden and granddaughters. I had a old 24 year old cat that recently left this world to cross the Rainbow bridge. So now I read and I confess, I watch some TV. I do like SYTYCD and NCIS, True Blood and a few others. Thanks for a fun post. Diva

monkeygravity said...

i love weekends when there is nothing more pressing than settling in with your to read pile... curse school and work! i should actually be doing homework right now but am now going to have to check out your new book! =)