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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Spotlight: D. Renee Bagby

Freshwater Snails

Okay. So all week long, you’ve been reading promotional essays from me. I decided to be completely random with my last installment and write about a new hobby I’d like to undertake (like I need another one :P).

I was in the Wally World the other day, browsing the pet section for kitty stuff (I have two cats), and the freshwater snails caught my attention. There was one just sliding his way along the glass. For some strange reason, watching his progress totally mesmerized me. It had a very calming effect.
Calm is very important for someone like me who is usually going in fifty different directions at once and trying to get everything finished and only succeeding half the time. I’ve decided that I want some freshwater snails. I can sit them in my study and just watch them. I don’t think that would ever get boring.

It’s a weird hobby and I know aquarium set up is expensive, but they are like the perfect pet. Freshwater snails are algae eaters. They clean their own tank. How cool is that? I would only have to supplement their diet with a few fish flakes every once in a while.

According to a co-worker who has freshwater snails, they breed like crazy but are as easy to take care of as I seem to think they are. I only have to sneak the tank past my husband. He thinks having snails would be a bad idea. That’s the same thing he said about owning a snake.

Yes, I wanted a snake (I use past tense loosely since I’m still sort of debating it). However, I’ll give up wanting the snake if I can get the snails. I think I just want the aquarium, which is totally weird but then this is me we’re talking about. I’ve given up trying to figure myself out. It’s not worth the effort.

It has to be about the aquarium because I’ve never wanted fish. I like watching fish when I visit restaurants that have them (for ambiance not to eat). But, it always seemed like too much work. PH levels, draining the tank, cleaning the tank, acclimating the fish to the water, rinse and repeat. No thank you. Freshwater snails eliminate half of that. I just need the hubby to leave town on business and those snails are mine. *evil grin*


Michelle said...

My daughter is an aquarium fanatic. The other thing that's really cool is crabs. She has two red claw crabs in the 55 gal tank for cleaning. They are funny when you walk up to the tank because they will freeze in place. Basic gold fish are really forgiving. And your cats would love them!

Thanks for posting the excerpt this week. I've really enjoyed them!


Zenobia Renquist said...

I always feel sorry for crabs. And me being in MD, they would paranoid crabs. "I swear, I'm not going to eat you." :P

I can see the aquarium becoming the new kitty perch. Little paw in the water. Poor fish.

Thanks for commenting.

~ Renee