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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bound By Fantasy by Bobbi Brattz

The silence in the room was so intense, goose bumps rose on Ariel’s flesh. With her arms tied behind her back, legs to the chair, and a blindfold on, she had no idea what to expect. The heady scent of spices filled her nostrils, relaxing her. All she could do was listen for a sound, any sound that would tell her that he’d arrived.

There, the swish of a door and the click, click of locks slipping into place. Ariel shivered in anticipation. When she’d agreed to be the guinea pig for this experiment, she’d been lonely and in need of a man’s attention. Now doubts assailed her as she felt him approach on soundless feet.

When his warm fingers traveled up her arm, she nearly screamed in surprise. His husky whisper soothed her though and she quieted.

“Your skin is so soft, like cream. Are you frightened, sweet one?” he asked, his hot fresh breath brushing over her ear.

She shivered in response, her belly clenching with desire. In answer she shook her head. Her breath left her when his fingers tilted her head up and he kissed her gently, so soft she barely felt it. As arranged prior to the test, she was not permitted to speak, but he could say…and do, anything he wanted to her. Thrills of excitement raced up her spine like electrical shocks.

“Tender lips. Like a baby’s skin. You were made for loving. Let me love you now as you deserve.”

Her nipples were hardened pebbles against the scrap of silk she wore. Ariel gasped when he took one into his mouth through the material and sucked on it, worrying the sensitive skin with his teeth.

“I can feel your need, sweet one. You want me, don’t you?” Not knowing what he looked like or who he was didn’t matter anymore. She wasn’t afraid. She desired him more than any man she’d ever met before, except for one. Hopes of ever seeing Dwight again released a twinge of pain in her heart. After he’d gone overseas to fight for freedom, she’d never heard from him again. That was a year ago and she’d been alone since.

“I’m going to release your feet but not your hands, sweet one.” His deep whisper was barely a breath as he spoke to her.

She sat and waited as the moments ticked away. When her legs were free, he slipped something cold between her breasts and cut the gown away. Fear knifed through her for a moment as she realized how helpless she was, yet she held fast.

Images of her love fluttered through her mind. His gorgeous blue eyes, filled with mischief, the sexy lop-sided grin, and blond wavy hair she loved to run her fingers through. Oh, how she wanted to touch her master’s hair at that moment, to feel his muscles…at least she hoped he had muscles.

Her heartbeat picked up speed as she listened to him moving about. A belt clinked, shoe’s dropped one at a time, and a zipper slowly opened. Something dropped in a heap on the floor which she imagined was his clothing. Ariel had never felt so excited about a sexual encounter before. It was always amazing with Dwight, but this time, not knowing what was going to happen next, she was squirming in her seat with want, her core releasing hot cream that coated her inner thighs.

Gentle fingers explored her pussy. “I want to make sure you’re prepared, sweet one.” Once again he captured her nipple in his teeth. This time she cried out in response as her core contracted. His fingers sought out her pussy and entered, one rubbing over her clitoris until she couldn’t sit still. She wanted to shout at him to give her more, but she’d vowed to remain silent. For long moments he thrust his fingers in and out of her until she was soaking the chair with her juices.

“You’re more than ready, sweet one.”

He lifted her up slightly and slid beneath her until she sat on his lap. His steel hard cock pressed against her pelvis. The air rushed from her lungs as he seized her mouth with his, plunging his tongue deep until she could barely breathe.

Without a word, he lifted her up again and sank his cock deep within. Her scream of pleasure was muffled by his mouth as he continued to love her. She couldn’t help but feel that this was right, this feeling, his touch, and the length of him filling her. As he guided her, soon she became lost in sensations, the scent of sex filling her senses.

With his hands on her hips, he guided her to ride him rough. Sweat coated her body as she neared completion, yet on he went. She rode him like a horse, her hips rocking as she sought blissful climax. There was nothing she could do but allow him to rule her body, and rule it he did with firm hands. Dizzy from the way his lips continued to ravage her, she felt lost as tears dampened the cloth.

Ariel pulled her head away and cried out as an orgasm ripped through her pelvis, her pussy clenching around his hard, hot cock. He wasn’t far behind her and emptied his seed deep into her womb. She dropped her head on his shoulder and sobbed.

“Don’t cry, baby. It’s okay now. I’m here.”

He removed the blindfold and she gasped in shock.

“Dwight? They told me you were dead!” Tears streamed down her cheeks as he kissed her with a desperation she too felt.

“I was a POW. I told the commander to let me come home in secret just in case something happened. I’m here now, baby, and I’m never leaving you again.”

Ariel sobbed as she stared at his beloved features. “Untie my hands. I need to touch you.”

“You can touch me all you want. I’m yours forever.” He carried her to the bed, released her hands and made love to her many more times before the sun rose.

About the Author: I'm a romance author who likes to step over the line, without using foul language. Though some find the 'F' word titillating, I feel that sex can be just exciting with tender words. Some of my characters are into name calling like 'whore' but that's only because the man's frustrated...very sexually frustrated with the heroine.

I've been writing and reading since I was a child, but only got past the blushing since the beginning of the millennium. With the world's inhibitions disappearing at an alarming rate, I found that e-books have brought erotica readers out in rising numbers. (pun intended). Website:

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