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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Author Interview: Mysti Holiday

Whipped Cream is pleased to have Mysti Holiday, whose debut story, Shut Up and Kiss Me has recently been published by The Wild Rose Press.

When Mysti's writing, she admits that the characters usually come first—and that can cause a very real problem for her.

"Publishers have this silly little requirement," she explained. "A story has to have a PLOT and they also usually appreciate if there is at least a little conflict. So, I have to sit my characters down and have long, heart-to-heart talks with them. Something like this:

'Paula, why can’t you be in love with John?' ...'But, I AM in love with John. Madly. Deeply.' ... 'No, Paula, you can’t be, not yet. First you have to overcome some obstacle. What is it?' ... 'I love you, John.' ... 'I love you, too, Paula.' .... 'Sigh. Back to the drawing board.'
The hardest part about writing her book, besides making sure her characters have conflict, is keeping track of body parts.

"Seriously," she assured me, "writing erotic romance is like nothing else. The sex scenes are documented in minutiae and every move, breath, touch is discussed. I had to make certain things were physically possible."

She does this with the aid of her husband.

“Honey, would you come here? Now, stand behind me. No, RIGHT behind me...that’s right, pressed right up against me. Thanks.” :::reaches hands around to see if I can grab his ass::: “Okay, done.” :::I go back to writing, and husband walks away, confused and not a little aroused:::
Mysti is currently working on a ménage story.

"Woo hoo... even MORE body parts to keep track of, yay for me," she said. "Still, I think a well-written ménage story can be hot, hot, hot, so I’m trying to see if I can write one well."

She admits that the titles she chooses for her own books seldom stand the test of time or editing, so for the writing process itself she's starting calling her WIP something like "Paula and John's story" or "The Ménage Story."

"Of course, I have to call it something to submit it," she told me, "but making up a title is nearly as hard as writing a blurb. There are day's I'd rather have my teeth pulled without Novacain."

On a personal note, Mysti's strangest habit is eating everything at room temperature. Well, almost everything. Ice cream doesn't work very well when she tries eating that room temperature. If she take an apple out of the refrigerator, she'll zap it in the microwave for twenty seconds. If she dishes up a bowl of soup off the stove, she'll add ice to it.

"I don't like anything too hot or too cold," she declared. "Is that weird?"

She also admits that she's eaten some strange of the strangest is flowers.

"The first time was when my home grown broccoli got a little too ripe," she explained, "--did you know broccoli is a flower?--and I had little yellow blossoms on my salad (and a cabbage worm ... but I didn’t eat him). It got me to wondering about other edible flowers, though, and there are many! Even so, it’s just sort of weird to put them on a plate instead of putting them in a vase."

Her favorite animal is the unicorn, but alas—since she's no longer a virgin they won't come up to her anymore, so she's had to content herself with having standard animals as pets: dogs, cats, and rodents.

She's not really partial to any one animal; however she does admit to a tendency to favor those that are warm-blooded and who have hair, thereby excluding the Chinese Crested dog and the Sphinx cat.

Her favorite pizza?

She grinned as she answered, "The round kind. I really, really love pizza. If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be pizza. The only thing that should NEVER be allowed on pizza is fruit. Seriously. Ham and pineapple? Blech. And I'm not thrilled about all meat—talk about a gut bomb. But otherwise? Bring it on."

Mysti thinks scientists should invent a way to allow people to stay away for 24 hours a day, because she could really use those extra hours. And it would be nice to have a machine that lets animals talk, like the dogs in Up, as long as it had an "off" switch.

"Can you unwrap a Starburst with your tongue?" I wondered.

"I have no idea. It has honestly never occurred to me to put a wrapped piece of candy in my mouth. If I had a Starburst in my house, I’d give it a try, but I don’t. I could try it on a piece of gum. Hang on a second..." she reached into her desk drawer, pulled out a piece of gum and popped in her mouth. Paused. "Okay, yes, I can unwrap a piece of gum in my mouth, but OMG does the paper get soggy. Maybe I’m taking too long to do it?"

A couple of random things about Mysti:

She has very sympathetic tear ducts. She not only cries at movies, but when she reads greeting cards, or hears a song, or…fact is, she admitted to never finding a sad or touching moment her tear ducts won't respond to.

She can tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke, but she doesn't really have a preference. She'll buy whichever is cheaper. However, she can't stand store brand cola or RC cola.

When she grew up, she wanted to be rich.

"Truthfully, I didn't care HOW I got rich," she told me with a smile, "and I had no desire to be famous. But rich is good."

And, some things never change. I asked her, "If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for?"

"I know I should say something profound like 'Peace on Earth' or 'A cure for cancer', but seriously... I’m selfish. So, I’d like a million dollar writing contract, with the option for six more. Is that asking for too much?"

You can keep up with Mysti on her blog,

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