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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Author Interview: Kate Cotoner

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Kate Cotoner. Kate offers her apologies for not being able to chat with us tomorrow, but she was just married this past Thursday and OH (Other Half) surprised her with a honeymoon trip. We wish her all the best and are pleased she took the time to allow us to interview her before her big day.

Her newest book, Fall of a State, has just been released by Dreamspinner Press. She also has a new release this week, Basilisk from Torquere Press. Over the next few months, she also has several more releases from Torquere Press and Carina Press.

Kate writes mostly historical or paranormal historical, so she has three huge bookcases filled with reference books and is constantly buying more books every time she needs to research a fact. Some of her stories are set within the UK or Europe, so it's easy for her to visit the locations she wants to use in the story. For her Chinese stories, though, she told me she has to rely on her memory.

She has written both regular and erotic romance. She started out writing stories that were mainly action/suspense with romantic elements, but as she grew older she started writing more love scenes. Over time they got more and more detailed until she ended up writing erotica.

"Both genres have their own challenges. It takes me a while to get the right headspace to write a sex scene," she said, "(no joke, it takes me about three days), but if I try writing a sweet romance, I find it hard to ‘close the door’ on the characters when they’re in a romantic mood. I just have to be creative and find a way to show great passion in some way other than red-hot sex."

Some writers she thinks write excellent erotic fiction are Sedonia Guillone, Nica Berry, Debra Glass, Aleksandr Voinov, and Raev Gray. Her favorite, though, is Sedonia Guillone because of her strong, emotional characters. She found it harder to pick just one favorite erotic book, however.

"It depends on my mood," she explained. "For now I'll say Barely Covered by Sedonia Guillone."

She has trouble judging her own fiction however.

"I sort of flatline when I write a sex scene," she told me, "so I always ask my partner to read it afterwards – and then I find out if I was successful or not!"

Her brother finds it amusing that she writes erotic romance and has told all his friends and colleagues that his sister writes dirty books.

"To the best of my knowledge, though, he's never read one," she said. "My mother is less tolerant and unfortunately it's a source of friction between us, so it's not a subject that comes up for discussion very often."

"What research books do you recommend for writers starting out in writing erotica?" I wondered.

"The two best books I recommend are Passionate Ink by Angela Knight, and Man Oh Man by Josh Lanyon. Both are accessible and informative, full of good examples, and both are written by leading authors in the erotic romance field."

Kate's favorite villain is Chamberlain Yanagisawa Yoshiyasu from Laura Joh Rowland's Sano Ichiro novels.

"I have a really big crush on him," she told me."He’s sexy and amoral but very refined. He prefers men as his lovers, so I guess I wouldn’t get the chance to pounce on him. I think just looking at him in full Japanese dress would be hot enough for me!"

On a more personal note, if Kate had to pierce a body part, it would be her ears.

"I’m too much of a coward to have anything else pierced!" she admitted. "I’ve had my ears pierced twice, once with a gun and the second time with one of those big needles. Unfortunately my body dislikes bits of metal stuck in it, so both times I had to let my piercings heal up. It’s just not sexy on me. I love piercings on other people, though – my partner has five ear piercings and looks really hot with it."

I asked her to share her most embarrassing moment with us.

It was when I visited a friend in Germany. She was in a class so I went shopping and said I’d make a lasagna for when she got home, so she gave me her keys. I had four bags of shopping and got back to her place and couldn’t open the door. I tried for ten minutes to open the door and I lost my temper, started swearing and gave the door a good kick. Then I turned around and there was a little old lady from an upstairs apartment wielding a broom at me. Of course my mind went completely blank and so I held up the key and said “Mein klavier ist krank” – thinking I was saying ‘my key is broken’. The woman gave me a weird look, took the key, opened the door at the first try, and as I scurried inside saying “Danke, danke”, I realised I’d told the woman ‘my piano is sick’. It was hilarious but incredibly embarrassing!
Her favorite food is bread. "I love baking my own bread," she said, "and there's nothing better than eating it warm from the oven, dripping in butter."

She thinks melted chocolate, whipped cream, or slightly melting ice cream are good for eating off every body part. "You have to warm your partner about the ice cream though," she warned, "otherwise they might be shrieking with cold shock rather than from anything else."

However, she cannot bring herself to eat sprouts. "They look evil and they taste evil," she told me.

Her favorite letter is M and she named her bonsai "Mr. M."

"What is your strangest habit?" I asked.

"I’m a really light sleeper, so if I’m disturbed during the night I’ll change bedrooms, sleep on the sofa, or even sleep on the floor."

You can keep up with Kate on her blog,

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