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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Jennifer Campbell


Cassie’s punishment stretched on for weeks and began to feel unending to her as her sexual need grew furious. She never got to touch herself because when he removed the chastity for cleaning he handcuffed her hands behind her back and douched her vagina himself in the shower. To deprive her of any good feeling from the douche, he scrubbed her labia with a hard-bristled brush and then rinsed her sensitive flesh in freezing cold water.

In addition to her chastity, Grant set a frantic pace for her to keep as she cleaned and maintained the apartment. Every day brought cleaning drudgery which had to be completed to his desires or she would get a fierce whipping or caning. Of course with the belt on, her ass and pussy were covered for she began to feel the sting of whip or cane in the place she most hated; her inner thighs.

Yet Cassie persevered even gleaning the occasional smile or satisfied look from her Master despite his attempts to suppress them. She knew she could handle the cleaning tasks and the punishments, but she had one big concern. The chastity was slowly breaking her down as the loss of her sexuality was by far the hardest thing to accept. As she watched the days roll by she wondered if she cold make it to sixty days without sex of any kind.

It was a Friday afternoon fifty-two days into her punishment when he came home from work bearing many packages from expensive women’s clothing boutiques in the city. She could not help but hope the packages were for her, but she dared not say anything.

Grant walked around her inspecting her and touching her. “What would you say if I asked you if you wished to accompany me for a night on the town.” He had set the boxes down on the coffee table and now he posed this exciting question in a matter-of-fact tone as if it was of no importance.

Although her body was pulsing with excitement she tried to be calm and collected. “If it pleases you, Master, to take me out I am very willing. Will I be . . . wearing my belt?”

“Do you think you should?”

She had not expected him to toss her question back at her so she gave it some thought. “I should wear it, Master, as I still have eight days left of my punishment and I promised to do it all.” It was not the answer she wanted to say, but she felt it would be what he wanted to hear.

“What if I was to commute your sentence if you understood why you were being punished? Do you understand why, Cassandra?”

“I think so, Master. When I didn’t wear the belt to the gathering despite your offer, I did not trust you. You knew things would happen which would make me climax, but I didn’t trust your judgment. I’ve learned the trust your judgment implicitly and do what you say despite what I may think or see. Trust is the greatest gift a slave can give her Master and in return his greatest gift is to keep her trust.” Cassie was almost certain she had it right, but when he hesitated she worried she hadn’t said it right.

“Well it’s good to hear you expound it, but can you live it?” He looked her over and unbuckled the hated white collar. “I guess there’s only one way to be sure.”

To her surprise he knelt before her and unlocked her anklets releasing her from the ball and hobble chain. Then he stood up and touched her face. “Tonight, you will climax many times if you can live the words you just spoke. You must trust me completely and do everything I say. For now we will consider the last eight days of your punishment commuted for good behavior, but if you screw up you’ll serve those days and more. Do you understand what I’m saying to you?” Grant took a key from his pocket and Cassie knew it was the key to her sexual prison, but he was obviously waiting for her to say something before he used it.

“Will I have to endure pain, Master?”

“Perhaps a little, but tonight will primarily be about sex.”

After fifty-two days in chastity this sounded wonderful to Cassie, but she wondered if she should look a gift horse in the mouth. Wait, no, I must trust him. That’s what this is all about. “I’m ready, Master, to do as you desire.”

Grant Farrell placed the key in Cassandra’s hand. “Go to the bathroom and release yourself and take a shower. Try to control the urge to masturbate right there in the shower because you get plenty of sex later. I’ll bring the boxes in the bathroom and when you get out you are to put on everything you find inside all the boxes. Do you understand?”

Cassie was nearly jumping up and down with glee and she wanted to hug her Master, but she restrained herself. “Yes, Master, I understand perfectly.” She turned to go to the bathroom, but he stopped her with his words.

“This is what you think it is, Cassandra, a new chance to impress, perhaps your last so make the most of it.”

Cassie wasn’t sure if he was warning her or coaching her, but she knew tonight would be a pivotal night in her submissive life. Key in hand, she made her way to the shower knowing how difficult it would be to be alone and naked under hot water and not touch herself after her long denial. When she got to the bathroom door she was struck by an urge to turn and say something to him. The urge seemed to take over her body and before she really knew what she was doing she had turned and started speaking. “Thank you, Master, for the trust you have placed in me. I will not disappoint you.”

“I hope not, Cassandra, I truly hope not.” He spoke the words while gathering up the boxes, never looking up at her which sort of saddened her. Above all else she wanted him to begin noticing and using her sexually.

The hot water felt so good and Cassie must have touched her pussy a dozen times, but each time she resisted the temptation to do more. Once she was clean and dry, she opened the first box in the pile which revealed thigh-high white stockings with a garter belt. The second box contained a sheer white silk blouse which she quickly put on. The next box held a short, hot pink pleated skirt with a belt, but there was more because the belts buckle had gleaming silver stones which spelled out the word sex. The last box had pink crystal earrings, two pink jeweled bracelets, perfume, pink frost lip gloss, and a small makeup kit which Cassie took complete advantage of.

As she stood back and looked at herself she knew she looked fuckable, and she was thrilled by the simple fact none of the boxes had contained a bra or panties. She was exposed completely under her outfit so people could touch her intimately and this was perfect as far as she was concerned. Tonight she would be a sex toy and her only concern was would she be his sex toy.

Once she was finished primping, she took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door. She strutted out into the front room to show herself to her Master.

He was sitting on the couch and immediately she noticed there was still a box on the coffee table. “You fill the outfit like I thought you would, slave, looking edible and fuckable. I have something else for you before we go.” He reached over and picked up the box and Cassie mind went into overdrive.

No, it can’t be. I have to stop hoping for that. He wouldn’t, not yet, or would he? Cassie could barely contain her excitement at the prospect she was hoping for, yet not daring to believe.

He stood up and took her hand. “The danger here is if you were to attach too much importance to this gift. It is for tonight, because we will be in public, but you should resist attaching more significance to it. Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?”

“I think so, Master, and I understand it’s only for tonight.” Cassie said the words, but she didn’t necessarily believe them especially if the item in the box was what she hoped it was. She knew if it was, it would be nearly impossible for her not attach a meaning to it.

“Okay, just remember I warned you.” His voice sounded speculative of her grip on control, but he proceeded. Opening the smaller box, he lifted the gift out and Cassie gasped. The stretchy, black Lycra choker lined with fake stones was what she had expected and as he placed it on her neck she struggled which warring concepts. Was it a temporary slave collar from him as he had said, or was she, as she had hoped from the very beginning, wearing his slave collar?

Inside Cassie knew the question was even simpler; did she believe in the reality he spoke or the fantasy she dreamed.

Despite trying to suppress her emotions, she began to cry as he fitted the collar to her neck.

Of course he immediately noticed her tears. “Easy now, control your emotions, remember what I said.” His voice was firm, but not harsh.

“Yes, Master, I’m sorry, it’s just hard.” She wiped away some of her tears.

“Did you think submission would be easy?”

“No, not at all. It’s silly of me to get upset. I mean I’m not ready to be collared for real, right?”

“Understand something, Cassandra, the contract between you and me and your father gives me first right to collar you at the end of your training so you might someday wear my collar, but you will have to have earned it if you do.”

This was all she needed to hear for now; his admission of the continued possibility she would someday be his. It was enough to cling to for now, but how long would it be before she got more. Will I ever understand him and know how he feels about me?

Jennifer Campbell lives in a modern log cabin, nestles under the fir and spruce that cover the mountain her ancestors settled under. She lives with her Master, Jack, who she serves in an eight year M/s relationship. Not wishing to live free or die, as the state’s motto suggests, she continues her pure submission. Jennifer would love to hear from other submissives, especially those who are touched by her writings about female slavery. Never wanting to forget who and what she is, Jennifer will sometimes write when she is wearing her collar, or her nipple chain.

Jennifer maintains a My Space page and blog. You can also visit her web site or email her at

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