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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Denyse Bridger

So, as promised… a look at where the fantasy begins, a slightly naughty excerpt to tease you:

He said the Game never ends… and I wonder if my inability to open my soul to him has already ended it. I wanted to see what the second play would bring, but would there be a second chance?

Months have passed and we have grown to know each other in surprising ways.


I faced the screen, smiling as I considered what I was about to write. Our game had grown into a challenge over the months - each new seduction charged with eroticism that left me gaping in shock at the things I now casually gave voice to and the things I never imagined. Today, I had chosen to change the rules, it was now time to tease passion in a slightly different way.

“And how do I tell you what seemed so easy when I proposed this new game? We will do this for the next three days, and then, on day four, it will conclude in a way that you are not expecting. This year will end, and a new one will begin–with new possibilities and more exciting games to discover.”

The thought was threaded with uncertainty, and I forced myself to ignore it.
Fantasy… erotic whispers… banish fear and speak with total honesty and trust. It was a simple answer: Banish fear...

I write:

In my mind, I see you as you step into the shower… the water is pouring over your body, caressing your magnificent contours like the hands of a lover… and I want to be the water. Close your eyes, let the heat of desire go deep into your heart. Let your imagination create this fantasy with me.

The door to your shower opens and you know I am behind you now, but I will tell you not to look, only feel. Soap can become like silk against warm, wet skin and between my hands and your skin it creates a smooth glide over the perfect muscles of your back and your ass. When I drop to my knees, following the trail of soft lather all the way down the length of your legs, I will slowly move all the way back up, and when I reach your ass, I will stick my tongue in it, licking until you are shaking.

You want to turn around. I can sense it, and I tell you not to. This is about making you feel me with you. I stand up and wrap my arms around you, kissing your gleaming back, pressing myself so close we are like one person.

“Put your hands out, against the wall, and let me touch your chest, learning the shape of you, the beat of your heart.” All this time, my soapy hands are exploring you, but not touching what you want touched most of all.

I can feel the tension in your body now. Your wanting, your passion is as awake as your imagination, and it wants to be satisfied.

I tell you to spread your legs, just enough so that I can touch you. I can hear the sound of your approval when finally my hands are between your thighs. One hand cups your balls, squeezes carefully, almost pain, while my other hand is stroking your dick, making it harder with each slow motion. Over and over, until I can feel the wobble in your legs. Only then do I allow you to turn around and look down.

On my knees in front of you, I wait for you to put your lovely dick in my mouth. I suck it while my finger slides in and out of your ass, fucking you and sucking you while the water pours over us. My tongue makes circles over the head of your cock, stroking that tiny little slit that wants to explode right now. I can suck your hard cock so hard it almost hurts, but it will be sweet pain to you, and when you can’t stand it anymore, I will stop…

The premise of the story is four days of fantasy – to find out what happens next, and for the rest of the days… you’ll have to consider popping over to pick up a copy… I hope you do, and please DO let me know what you think of the story if you buy it, ok?

Available now from Moongypsy Press


robynl said...

my goodness, too early for some of this, lol. Very good though.

booklover0226 said...

It's a good thing I have the fan on!

Tracey D

Denysé said...

Nothing like a little heat.... I was sending this story while he tried to study - I think I must have been making it difficult to concentrate, but I don't think he minded much... LOL

Thanks for dropping by, ladies, much appreciated....

Hugs, Denyse