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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Spotlight: Jennifer Campbell

Drusilla, a favored slave of Emperor Marcus Flavius, is not what she seems to be. She is from another place, outside the Empire, and before she was lost and brutally enslaved she was free. Yet Drusilla has accepted, to a degree, her enslavement to the male dominated Empire, but she has a plan, a plan more daring than anyone can imagine. Drusilla intends to scheme and plot, kill and seduce until she becomes the Emperor’s consort and has the honor of bearing the next Emperor. Once she bears the prince, Drusilla plans to dominate her own son and rule the Empire through him.

Can this amazingly bold plot succeed, or is it doomed to failure? Will Drusilla’s machinations sow the seeds of prophecy by which the male-dominated Empire and the female-dominated Erios will be reunited?

Here is an excerpt from Drusilla’s Ambition.

Maldar’s happiness continued until the fateful winter night when three visitors pounded on the door of his home. When he opened the door he was shocked to see two male slaves bundled in furs against the cold wind while in between them stood Callinda wearing a gossamer thin red silk as if she did not feel the cold. A lump came to Maldar’s throat, but he knew he had to invite them in as Oldni custom dictated.

“Greetings, Priestess, I am Maldar and I bid you welcome to the house of Sonia, but why have you come on this chilly night?” Maldar hoped she was not here for him.

Sonia suddenly popped into the front room as she had felt the cold of the open door and as soon as Sonia appeared Maldar noted how Callinda’s eyes left him for her. “I come on a matter of great importance to prophecy, Sonia. I may have need for your husband.” Callinda stepped inside, but the two slaves did not follow and the priestess casually closed the door leaving them outside.

Maldar immediately felt the same as he had when he saw her in the village; like she was in his head and he could hide nothing from her. Did she know who he was?

“What is this matter, Callinda, and how does the prophecy have need on my man?” Sonia sounded as if she was doubtful Callinda needed Maldar which made him feel better.

“Well, before we get to that, I wonder if you truly know your husband, Sonia. You know he was not born to this village, but do you know his true origin? Has he told you he was not always Oldni?” Callinda gave Maldar a challenging look as she spoke daring him to contradict her. When she’d first seen him in the village she had known he was different, not of the Oldni, and she had used the mental powers of an Eriosian priestess to probe his mind for his true origins. It was these origins which had been very interesting to Callinda and to Saturnia.

Maldar stiffened with fear over his well kept secret being known to this Eriosian priestess and he wondered how she knew. Yet as he looked at Sonia, he saw she was curious as to what Callinda was talking about. He responded defensively. “My life before the Oldni is of no matter. I am husband of Sonia now and the father of her children.” He knew he had status derived from his marriage, but would Sonia stand by him?

Just then Bethia ran into the room to her mother. “Mother, who is the beautiful lady?”

Sonia smiled. “She is Callinda, an Eriosian priestess, and she comes to speak to your father and I so go tend to your brother, Bethia.” The child ran off to another room, but Sonia stared at Maldar. “What does she speak of, my husband? Are you hiding something from me?”

Maldar knew he had no choice but to tell of his shameful secret and he looked around at the walls of the place he called home wondering if he would truly lose it all. “I am not of the Oldni originally. I was not lost in the woods as I said when I came to you . . . I had crossed over the wall. I was born of the Empire.”

Sonia’s eyes widened in surprise, but Callinda pressed for more as she was trying to sever the husband from his wife’s protection.

“There is more. Tell her why you fled the Empire, Maldar, or I will.” Callinda’s words were cold and demanding.

Maldar was so upset to have to confront and tell of his memories of Drusilla and the day he had made innocent blood run. He took a deep breath and began to tell the story. “I was a guard in the imperial palace when I was seduced and used in an assassination plot by an ambitious slave by the name of Drusilla. I cannot explain why I did the things I did for her except to say I was but nineteen seasons with hot blood running through my veins and her body was so beautiful. I murdered the Lord Chamberlain Marinus and the Emperor’s favored slave Tacita in cold blood and fled the Empire crossing over the Eastern wall. I am sorry to have deceived you, Sonia. I should have trusted you long ago, but I did not want you to know of the blood on my hands.” Maldar turned away, but to both his surprise and horror Bethia was standing behind him.

Bethia, in her innocence, did not judge her father she was merely frightened for him. “Are you going away, father? Shall I wake Woden so he may say goodbye.” Bethia had tears rolling down her cheeks and Maldar went to her and hugged her.

“I don’t know what will happen, Bethia, but I want you to know I love you and your mother and brother very much. You are my life now.” Maldar picked up his daughter and turned to Sonia. “I do mean that. I love you and I always will. My days in the Empire are dead inside me.”

Callinda interrupted before Sonia could speak. “Maybe so, but your knowledge of the ways of the Empire is why I want you. Sonia, your husband is the perfect candidate to help us with a dangerous mission within the Empire which is a key step to the fulfillment of prophecy which, as you know, will restore balance to the entire world. As a priestess I ask you in the name of Goddess to yield him up to me.” Callinda knew in the culture of both the Oldni and Erios that Sonia’s rights as a woman and head of her family had to be respected. If Sonia would not let Maldar go, Callinda could not take Maldar from his family.

“Bethia, go and wake Woden and bring him to your father, quickly.” Sonia’s command prompted Maldar to set Bethia’s feet on the floor, but it also emptied him of hope. He felt surely she was simply going to let him say a last goodbye to his son before she gave him up to Callinda.

However there was more in Sonia’s head. “These things you have done in your past matter little to me, Maldar, if your heart is here with me now. Tell me you love me and your children more than anything else. Can you say this to me?” Sonia’s eyes burnt holes in Maldar’s soul as she waited for his answer.

Maldar had only one answer to give, but this moment seemed so important to him he did not trust his ability to convince Sonia. He grasped for some way to make his words more powerful to her and in his mind he hit on Callinda and how she had known of his past life. Sagel had often spoken of the strange mental powers of Eriosian priestesses and he suddenly realized she had to be able to read his mind. How else could she have known?

It was a desperate gamble, for Callinda could portray his thoughts as she wished, but he knew the Goddess valued truth so he dared it. “I love you and the children more than my own life, Sonia, but do not take my word for it. Ask her to probe my mind for the truth and tell you what she finds.” Maldar pointed to Callinda and Sonia turned to the priestess. She knew Eriosian priestesses had special abilities, but she had never actually seen anyone who could read minds.

“Does Goddess give you this power he speaks of?”

As the worship of Goddess was built on truth, Callinda could not deny her power, but she worried she had been outmaneuvered by a male. “Yes, his mind is an open book to me.”

“Then tell me the truth of his mind if you are a true servant of Goddess.” Sonia turned to see Bethia enter the main room clutching the infant Woden in her arms. She took her young son and handed him to his father.

As he looked down at his son hoping he would get a chance to watch him grow up, Maldar felt Callinda enter his mind and he concentrated his thoughts on his love for Sonia and his family, but Callinda’s mind seemed to touch many things. Amongst the memories he felt probed were a sexual liaison with Drusilla and the actual murders of Marinus and Tacita. He was vividly reminded of their death masks as he saw their severed heads again.

Callinda gathered this incidental information so she might know Maldar better, but when she turned her mind to Maldar’s feelings for Sonia and his children it felt to her like the twin suns were rising. She had never felt this depth of emotion from a male before and she likened the warmth of Maldar’s unquenchable love for Sonia and his children to that of a woman. On Erios males were considered little more than beasts and were thought to be incapable of feeling such powerful and complex emotions as love. Knowing it might doom her efforts to obtain Maldar’s services, Callinda spoke the truth to Sonia. “He speaks the truth. His love for you and your children is profound, deeper than I’ve ever sensed in a male.”

Both Sonia and Maldar sighed in relief and Maldar felt he was saved, but when he looked at his wife she turned away and faced their hearth fire. Was she going to let Callinda take him anyways? It took Sonia a few moments to speak while Maldar twisted in the wind unsure of his fate. “Maldar, I have not forced the Goddess scrolls upon you, but perhaps I should have. You know nothing of this prophecy of which Callinda speaks, but it is real and perhaps the only hope for this fractured world. I’m giving you the decision which is mine, the power to decide if you go with her on this mission.”

Now Sonia turned to Callinda. “And from you I demand a promise, under the eyes of Goddess.”

Maldar did not know what she was demanding of Callinda, but it sounded serious.

“What am I to promise before Goddess?” Callinda’s tone spoke to the seriousness of this promise.

“If you take him you must go with him on the mission and protect him with your life. If he dies, Eriosian priestesses are no longer welcome in our land for how can we trust you if you cannot insure the safety of one Oldni man?”

Immediately Callinda knew she had to promise, but the stakes, for Erios, were massive. Without this isolated mountainous peninsula on the continent the Empire dominated, Erios would lose its base of operations from which they had searched for the descendants of lost daughters who had taken from Erios in the Hard Times.

Yet Callinda knew something Sonia didn’t; the true reason she wanted Maldar. It was not as she made it seem, like he would be just a guide for a mission in the Empire’s territory. She had been mentally contacted by Saturnia over the thousands of leagues of ocean and she knew how important Maldar was to prophecy.

“I agree to the conditions of the promise and before the eyes of Goddess I pledge my life to protect Maldar.” Callinda spoke the words knowing they might cost her life and more.

“Would you speak with him here, Callinda, or would you have him go with you?” Sonia asked politely.

“I would have him walk with me to a place not far. We will talk and he will be back before suns rise to inform you of his decision.”

“Go with Callinda, but have no fear for she has promised your safety.” With Sonia’s bidding of Maldar to go, he kissed Wooden and Bethia and hugged his wife before he went to put on his furs to go out into the cold night with Callinda. Once he was wrapped up warmly, Sonia gave him a final kiss. “Be safe, husband, and return to us.”

As Maldar walked into the freezing night with Callinda and her two slaves, he wondered about Goddess and this prophecy and why he’d never taken an interest. He felt he was the unique position of being the only male, born to the Empire, who knew of the existence of three unique societies in this world. He was of course wrong, as another had preceded him to blaze a trail, but his musing made him desire to open his mind to the possibilities.

Jennifer Campbell lives in a modern log cabin, nestles under the fir and spruce that cover the mountain her ancestors settled under. She lives with her Master, Jack, who she serves in an eight year M/s relationship. Not wishing to live free or die, as the state’s motto suggests, she continues her pure submission. Jennifer would love to hear from other submissives, especially those who are touched by her writings about female slavery. Never wanting to forget who and what she is, Jennifer will sometimes write when she is wearing her collar, or her nipple chain.

Jennifer maintains a My Space page and blog. You can also visit her web site or email her at

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