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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Jennifer Campbell

Volleyball Girl

I think the game was what pulled me, kicking and screaming, through high school. Being a pretty blonde with big grey eyes the boys had of course discovered me early in life. Seventh grade was my first kiss and within a year I had given a hand job to a hard penis. Where was I going? I wasn’t sure, but at an early age it looked like I was going to become too passionate about sex.

Now let me clarify, I don’t have, nor have I ever had any qualms about sex and the high school I went to was in an affluent town so I don’t think I would have ended up turning tricks in a whorehouse, but who knows. What I do know is the game I love came along in the eighth grade to give me a new passion, a passion which made boys and sex a less powerful influence over me. Again, don’t misunderstand, I had three boyfriends during high school, all athletes whom I had sexual encounters with, but I didn’t build my life around them. My love of volleyball kept me from devoting too much of my life to things sexual.

In my one year on the junior high team, I played outside hitter because I was tall and had enough coordination to begin to learn to spike. I skipped the frosh team in high school going right to JV as a freshman. By that time I was five foot ten inches and I was by far the tallest girl in the team. I remember with a tinge of pride how hard the girl’s basketball coach tried to induce me to play that sport, but to no avail as I had found my passion.

It wasn’t until later when I realized and began to understand one of the things which appealed to me about volleyball. It’s hard to say even now, because it reveals some inner vanity on my part and how important my self image was to me. Some high school volleyball girls hate having to wear the tight spandex shorts which are a trademark of the sport, but I loved it. I was all too aware of how it made my body look and how the guys, and some girls, were looking at my spandex-covered ass. For me this was an important component of the sport because while being out there hitting, blocking, and digging I could look sexy and that was really important to me.

Sophomore year I made the varsity team as a middle blocker and hitter and we began to win more games than we lost. In my junior year we won our district championship and made it to the state semifinals. More importantly in my senior year I nailed down a volleyball scholarship to a good college which had the program I wanted to study, wildlife biology.

College, seven hundred miles away from home, was a revelation to me. Such freedom I had not imagined existed, but I was ready and willing to take advantage. I had no problem finding many candidates for boyfriend, but I was not quick to anoint one of them because a rather unexpected turn in my sex life was about to catch me by surprise. As my freshman year continued, I became close with my volleyball teammates, as in we became almost inseparable. I also began to notice that one of them in particular was very interested in me. More interested than a girl had ever been. I would catch Heather staring at my ass in practice and at first I would only smile at her and she would giggle.

The giggling ended one day when Heather approached me after practice. She asked had I ever been with a girl and I answered with an obviously nervous no. I don’t really know why I was nervous at the time, but I was. Girlfriends in high school had been close and we’d talked about boys and sex, but somehow I was unsure how it would be to be with a girl, but thankfully my initial qualms didn’t stop me from getting closer to Heather. To her credit, she moved slowly so as not to frighten me, but within three months I found my way to Heather’s bed and she to mine.

To make a long story shorter, we lasted all throughout college and for a little over a year after. I think the reason was we weren’t mutually exclusive as lovers. We allowed ourselves to both have sex with other guys and girls during our time together. Our rules for this open relationship were simple; we had to tell the other of the new contact before we had sex and we had to use protection if it was a guy.

After graduation, we got a small apartment together, but the change between college life and work life wasn’t good for Heather and I. However my needs were what ultimately broke up our relationship. Junior year I had discovered my kinky sexual side and I began to explore BDSM online. By our senior year I had found a man I wanted to submit to. I’ll be talking more about him in another essay, but it was my desire to explore my submissive side with him which ultimately made me face Heather and tell her I wanted to move out. She was of course hurt initially, but she has since discovered the similar submissive desires in herself and we remain good friends to this day.

So to the game of volleyball and Heather I feel I owe a lot. Both gave me a chance to grow into a fully mature woman while feeling sexy and desired and having the chance to explore my growing sexuality. Thanks to both of you.

Jennifer Campbell lives in a modern log cabin, nestles under the fir and spruce that cover the mountain her ancestors settled under. She lives with her Master, Jack, who she serves in an eight year M/s relationship. Not wishing to live free or die, as the state’s motto suggests, she continues her pure submission. Jennifer would love to hear from other submissives, especially those who are touched by her writings about female slavery. Never wanting to forget who and what she is, Jennifer will sometimes write when she is wearing her collar, or her nipple chain.

Jennifer maintains a My Space page and blog. You can also visit her web site or email her at

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booklover0226 said...

I, too, went to school about 700 miles away from home.

It was a true learning experience for me, to say the least!

Tracey D