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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pitting the Georgia Peach by Giselle Renarde

My guy is finally learning how to take care of me. No more wham, bam, thank you ma’am with Junior. No way! The other night, I came home late from work—empty-handed—after totally forgetting I’d promised to pick up dinner on the way. He looked disappointed, of course, but he just shrugged and said, “It’s okay. I’ll put on some soup or something.”

I never could resist Junior when he got all domestic on me, so I was a big meanie and sent him to his room without dinner. I dropped my bag, kicked off my shoes, and said, “No time for food. I’m taking you to bed!”

He seemed pretty happy about that, if his adorable smile was any indication. I hopped on top of him and we went at it like bunnies—as usual. It was that sort of shag where all our energy surged forth in one big burst. About three minutes later, we collapsed in a heap. He’d come like crazy. My thighs were aching from riding him hard. It was seriously cathartic.

After catching my breath, I realized how hungry I was. Lunch was a long time ago, and we had sex instead of dinner. Junior looked pretty dead to the world, as he always did after a huge orgasm, so I climbed over him and nearly fell off the bed. My legs were jelly, but I hobbled to the kitchen and grabbed the first edible thing I saw: a big, juicy peach.

I was so wobbly and weak-kneed I figured I’d gobble it up in recline. When I got back to the bedroom, I was seriously surprised to find Junior awake. Usually after a good go, he was out for hours. Not this time. He was alert, alive, and lying on his side, looking me up and down with a sexy twinkle in his eye.

As I climbed over him, he turned to me and waggled his eyebrows. I lay on my side of the bed and got good and comfy with my head propped up on my pillow. Junior looked at my naked body and said, “Eating a peach, are we?”

I laughed as I took the first bite. Obviously! My fruit was so lusciously ripe its nectar dripped down my wrist. Junior growled. He lunged at my arm and licked the juice from my skin. Not only was he awake, he was raring to go! As the sweet liquid from my peach dripped onto my chest, he kissed a path between my breasts. I took another bite while Junior sucked on my nipples, and the peach juice dripped all the way down to my stomach. As soon as he noticed, he leapt at it, licking lower and lower along my tummy. He didn’t stop when he ran out of juice; I was plenty wet below.

Perched between my thighs, he asked, “How’s the peach?”

“Very juicy,” I said as he leaned in to give my pussy a good lick.

“Well, you’d better make that thing last,” he warned between long laps at my lips. “Because I’m only doing this as long as you’re eating that. When you’re done, I’m done.”

Of course, I didn’t believe him for a second, but it was strangely sexy to think his prowess was tied to a peach. Just as I took another bite, he dove at my clit. With a big piece of sun-ripened peach in my mouth, I had to try very hard not to gasp. The last thing I wanted was to choke the very first time Junior managed to stay awake. I could get used to his purr jobs after sex.

Even on an empty stomach, my pleasure was Junior’s central concern. I savoured the sweetness of fruit flesh in my mouth while he sucked my pussy flesh into his. My wrist was getting sticky from all the dripping juices, but I much preferred Junior working away down south. As his passion built, he ate me harder. It felt so incredibly good I forgot to keep on taking bites of my peach.

When Junior looked up at me, he scolded, “Hey, that’s cheating. You have to keep eating or it’s not fair. I could be down here forever, and when would I get my dinner?”

“You’d starve,” I said with a naughty shrug.

He went back at it and, when I pressed my lips to my peach, I realized it was so deliciously ripe I didn’t even really need to bite it. It was so soft, I could suck on it while Junior sucked on me. I was sure my fruit was much sweeter, but he seemed to enjoy the taste of me. He made all sorts of noises to indicate he loved what he was doing.

His lips on my lips felt so awesome, I started rubbing mine against his. It seemed almost cruel to press my pussy into his face, but I couldn’t help myself. I was a mess, with nectar dripping down my chest, but all I cared about was the sensation of Junior’s warm mouth. Sucking my peach pit dry, I set it down on the night table right before I totally lost it. I grabbed his hair until peach juice ran through it. I forced his mouth on my mound. He sucked my clit until I screamed and rolled around on the bed and couldn’t take any more.

When I let him go, he looked at the pit on the night table, and then up at me. Our chins were both wet with juices, and he hadn’t even eaten yet.

I don’t know if the peach is considered an aphrodisiac or not. All I know is the wonder it worked on my love life. Now we always keep a few ripe ones on hand.

About the author: Giselle Renarde is a proud Canadian, supporter of the arts, and activist for women’s and LGBT rights. Ms Renarde lives across from a park with two bilingual cats who sleep on her head. For information on Giselle and her work, visit her website at or her blog at

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