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Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Jennifer Mueller

Background for History Lessons

The Sinclairs of Wrathe are descended from William, a younger son of Comte de Saint Clair in Normandy who came to England with William the Conqueror. Through early fortunate marriages, the Sinclair family acquired the Dukedom of Cairnmuir and since the thirteenth century have made their home in the Castle Am Binnean built upon the foundations of a ninth century watchtower. The family has strong ties to the Earldoms of Caithness and Orkney, with which they are closely related and to the Sutherlands by marriage.

Despite their far-flung seat, the Sinclairs have long been prominent in Scottish affairs. They supported Robert the Bruce in the struggle for Scottish independence and fought at the battle of Bannockburn. Duncan Sinclair was made a Knight of The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle in 1759. Male members of the family generally pursue military careers. Sinclairs of this line have fought at the Battle of Bauge in 1421, the battle of Flodden in 1513, the battle of Killicrankie in 1689 only to name a few. So many men of the clan were lost in several previous battles that they escaped involving themselves in the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite attempts to retake the crown and thereby saved themselves having their lands forfeited. More recently, they have fought in Crimean and the Nile River campaign. The Black Watch has always boasted a large presence of Sinclair men in their ranks. The family has produced military heroes who have no less than fourteen Distinguished Service Orders and three Victoria Crosses. Most recently, Broderick Sinclair was a highly decorated Lieutenant Colonel in World War II.

Titles in the family include Duke of Cairnmuir, Earl of Ravensgard, and Laird of Creag. The French title of Comte is officially available for use, but is rarely mentioned. The 35th Duke, David Sinclair, and his wife, Janet, of the clan Gunn, live in Am Binnean Castle. Their three sons have all followed the family tradition and are serving or have served in the military. Their daughter is married to the honorable Jack MacGregor.

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