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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Lex Valentine

Why So Many Genres?

One of the other frequent questions I get from readers is why I write so many different genres and sub-genres. The answer is a simple one. I write what I like to read. Often, another author’s work will inspire me and give me ideas about something a topic or subject. For example, lately I’ve been reading sci fi rom. I’ve read some really good stuff. Hot, sexy, and filled with action. There’s something about sci fi that’s a step to the side of paranormal when it comes to world building. Sure, you can make it all up, but some things need to have a basis in the foundations of science. And sci fi is almost always a more action packed genre than paranormal. You’re more likely to find people being shot and killed in a sci fi than a paranormal.

As a writer who loves world building, dipping my toes into the pool of sci fi is a challenge. And yeah, I’m gonna do it. Because I love to write what I read. The same holds true for Regencies. I adore them and I can write them, but they’re a very different breed of book than the other stuff I do so I have to rein myself in and make sure I have my ducks in a row when I work on my novel. I can’t make stuff up here. This world really existed. Sure, I can take some license, it’s fiction after all, but the basics are pure history. Luckily, I love history. :-)

The things I’ve written and am currently working on include paranormal, sci fi rom, urban fantasy, historical (Regency), and contemporary. The sub-genres that are part of these stories include BDSM, M/M, ménage, and more. I don’t let anything hold me back. If I like reading it, I want to write it! And the plots and endings and characters are all the kinds I like to read about. So the more I read, the more offerings I can give to my readers!


lindseye said...

I find myself usually reading paranormal but some authors I follow across any genre they write and Lex Valentine is one. Also will read anything Mari Carr and Vivian Arend write as well. A well written story is always welcomed.

booklover0226 said...

For years, I only read paranormal but with the internet, I've discovered so many other genres and authors. And I was very lucky to have discovered Lex Valentine's works.

Tracey D