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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Jennifer Campbell

First Night

I had just started dressing for this all important night when I stopped while just in my black lace panties. Suddenly I began to think about what I was doing. Realizing a simple thing like dressing might change forever after tonight, I wondered if I should wear the panties. Master and I had discussed how undergarments might be prohibited after I became his slave.

I was a senior in college approaching my twenty-second birthday, but tonight my life was to change in ways I did not yet completely understand. I was meeting him tonight for the first time face to face. The man I had chosen to be my first Master.

It had all started much earlier in my life when I had understood I had different but excited feeling when I was in the presence of dominant men. When I first saw pictures of girls tied up and used sexually I was not freaked out, in fact I was turned on. It wasn’t until I was a junior in college when I summoned the courage to act upon my desires and I placed a personal ad as a submissive on what was at the time the largest online bondage personals site. I had considered dressing up in fetish wear, leather or latex, for my profile pic, but I decided a nice shot of me in my sexy white bikini was good. I would later find out my decision had made all the difference to him and his selection of me to serve him.

Responses were not long in coming, but I despaired about the looks and language of many of the first responses. Call me selfish and vain, but I wanted a face and hard body which would fire me to want to serve. I did not wish to serve some potbellied, unshaven, fifty-seven year old who smelled. Also I had innately realized something else; I needed whoever it would be to be interested in me because I needed him to get to know my desires before dominance could take place. I wondered if I was expecting too much.

It was five weeks into the ad before he responded, but it was immediately clear he had not just looked at the sexy picture of me in my white bikini and drooled. This man was different and he had taken the time to read my survey. The site had a rather extensive survey they required to be filled out for membership and it was designed to indicate in intimate detail a member’s likes and dislikes when it came to BDSM play. Quite frankly I didn’t even know what some of the activities they asked about were, but I filled it out to the best of my ability and with complete honesty. While most of my responses had sent messages asking me to do what they liked, this man asked specific questions about the activities I had indicated I wanted to try. He wanted me to expand on my feelings and exactly what I wanted in these areas. This impressed me and I realized was interested in how much I enjoyed my submissive experience. Another thing which differed from the previous responses was his politeness and respect for me and what my submission would give him. He realized I would be gifting him with control of my body and sexuality and he appreciated it.

Every fiber of my being told me this was the one, but my caution kicked in and I decided to take things slowly. I responded by answering his questions and requesting a picture which revealed more of his body than he had in his profile pic (he was dressed in a gray business suit). I did my best to answer his pointed questions, but I soon realized some of my answers were indeed guesses as I did not yet know how I would respond to things I had not yet experienced. Working furiously, I sent my response back in less than two hours from when I’d received his initial reply and I assumed I’d get a return response that evening at the latest, but I was so wrong. After I’d waited anxiously for two days, his response finally came back. I wondered why so long?

Thankfully, my request for a more revealing pic was granted and I was thrilled with the nude picture he sent. Suddenly I got this feeling; this is going somewhere. He had another whole battery of questions for me to answer, but he professed to be concerned that I was not asking him questions. He pointed out that our communication needed to be a two way street and I understood he was right. I racked my brain to bring up questions for him and while I it struck me what he was doing for us. He was trying to learn about me and at the same time help me learn about the new feelings and emotions I would experience as his submissive. Immediately I had the feeling he would be my Master and I would trust him implicitly.

This time I approached the answering somewhat differently trying to give him as much emotion as I could. I wanted him to see I was invested in the situation yet still it was only a few hours before I hit the send button to return my reply. I hoped his response would come back to me more swiftly than the last one had.

Frustratingly, it took him even longer this time, three days, and I didn’t understand why. Was he only toying with me? It didn’t seem likely with all these questions he was asking. I realized there was nothing I could do except bring up the subject of his slow response, but I decided not to after all he was to be my Master.

His next response took the same frustrating three days, but this email was different in one significant way which both delighted and scared me. At the bottom of the email he put his address and phone number and he explained how I was free to call him collect when I was ready. He went on to say speaking on the phone would be the next step in our relationship, but I had to initiate it when I was ready. It was a long distance number an area code from a neighboring state and I stared at it for long moments before I realized I could just dial my cell phone and hear my Master’s voice. I fished the cell out of my purse and for long moments my palms were sweaty as feelings of excitement cascaded through my body. Three times I tried to dial the ten digits, but each time I stopped. I didn’t know why I stopped. Was a scared to speak to him directly? In the end I put the cell away trusting my gut instinct which seemed to indicate I simply wasn’t ready yet for whatever reason.

My chickening out meant we continued to exchange emails for another month and during this time I learned a lot about what I wanted and who he was. I also began to understand the pattern he was following and why he was following it. He understood my anticipation of his response was deliciously frustrating and so his responses were never instantaneous. This was teaching me that as a sub I would wait upon my Master’s whim and be thankful when he granted it. It was a lesson well learned which would stand me in good stead later in our relationship.

So of course it was not at all surprising that it was while I was waiting for one of his emails that I got the courage to call him. Following his instructions I called collect reversing the charges to him and I was breathless to hear his voice when he finally answered.

“Yes, operator, I’ll accept the charges from Miss Campbell.” The deep baritone voice paused while the operator disconnected and then spoke to me. “Jennifer, I’m glad you’ve finally taken this next step. You’ll enjoy it and find it much more intimate. Also, now that you have achieved this level, I’ll be giving you several tests and tasks to perform for me which will allow you to show your submissiveness by pleasing me. Greet me now, Jennifer, and let me know if you accept these conditions.”

I have no idea how long the silence was and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to say yes and move on into this new level, I was just overwhelmed by my raw emotional response. I knew I had found him, the man who would give me what I yearned for. It was as perfectly clear to me then as it is now.

Finally words came to my lips. “Yes, Master, I accept and I look forward to pleasing you.” I paused and then another question tumbled out of me. “Do you know when we will meet in person?” I was instantly embarrassed by what I had asked and fearful he would be angry with me, but I should have known better.

“No, Jennifer, I have no idea, but you do.” He stopped there, not explaining what he meant.

“I don’t understand, Master.” I truly didn’t.

“Our meeting is the next step and like calling me on phone you must decide when you are ready for it. You should begin by picking out a favorite public spot, perhaps a restaurant or a coffee shop. All that is required is that you feel comfortable and safe there. When you decide on a place send me diving directions to it and then when you are ready you may set a day and time for us to meet.”

Only then did I realize how careful and well considered his plans for me were and how he was allowing my submissive education and blossoming to proceed at my pace. There was no question he had my interests at heart and I began to cry tears of joy on the phone.

Initially, he didn’t understand my reaction. “Are you distressed about this, Jennifer?”

“No, Master, I’m thrilled. You seem to understand everything, me and what I want, so well.”

There was a brief pause and then for the first time I heard the words I’ve heard so many times since from Jack’s lips. “Understanding you better than anyone else is my job, slave.”

* * * *

The next eight months passed quickly as I learned so many things about my Master in our phone conversations. He often had me masturbate while I was on the phone with him, but I never know whether or not orgasm will be allowed or denied. He purchased a video camera for me so I could send him video proof of my compliance with the tasks he set for me. He gave me many challenges; to expose myself in semipublic situations, to apply clamps and clothespins to my nipples and labial lips, and to shave myself for him while on cam. Master even recruited my roommate and lover Heather to make the most exciting video. Heather would fuck me with a strap-on while I was in tight bondage. Of course, Heather relished this task and was more than willing to play her role, but it also introduced Jack to her and she began to understand his growing influence in my life. Heather and I had always had an open relationship where we could with each other’s permission fuck other girls and guys, but Heather soon realized Jack was different. He was not a one night fuck as I saw him as my future Master. After the strap-on fucking, I began to notice the effect Jack had on Heather. She gave me space to explore perhaps knowing she couldn’t stop me, but we began to grow more distant despite sharing an apartment.

So it is not by accident that when I paused in my panties on this night of nights it was Heather I asked the question on my mind to. “What do you think? Should I wear panties? I’ve heard Master say I may not be allowed undergarments once we . . .” I stopped there as I clumsily realized Heather could only be hurt if I finished my sentence.

The look on her face is not one of fear, rather resignation to the inevitability of my leaving our relationship, but she responded to the question. “Wear them.” She said in an assertive tone. “If he wants them off he’ll tell you to take them off.”

She pauses again and I realize she has something serious to say about us. “Listen . . . I know you’ll go to him eventually. I can see you crave what he gives you and I’m a bit jealous you found him. Just promise me I’ll always be your girl, Jen, and we’ll always be friends.”

I couldn’t get across our small bedroom quick enough to hug her. “I promise to always love you. I don’t want him to come between us any more than he has to, but I have to find out what it’s like to submit completely.” With my arms wrapped tightly around her I kiss her and she tugs me a few feet to our bed where we collapse in the locked embrace.

The kiss makes us both hungry for more and I start to pull my panties down, but Heather stops me. “No, you’ll be late to meet him and you’d never forgive me. I’ll be here for you when you get home, but it’s important you go to him now.”

I look at her with total astonishment, but I know what she says is true. If I stayed and we fucked I would be so upset. I understand then, more than I had before, the depth of Heather’s love for me. “How did I get so lucky, to find a soul like you?”

In typical Heather fashion, she shakes her blonde hair and says. “What makes you think you got lucky? I’m the one who got lucky. I guess I’ve know this day would come for a while because you’ve always been more daring than me when it came to guys. I’ll be okay, really, just promise me we’ll always be close.” By the time she’s done, I have my face pressed to her breasts and I’m crying because I can’t believe I can really do this to her? She lets me cry it out for a few moments before she gets me going.

“Come on, you need to get dressed and go. You don’t want him to punish you for being late do you?” Heather looks at me as I lift my head and smile slyly at her. “Okay, so maybe you do want that.”

We both giggle and I pull myself up to continue dressing. After I slip into my white mini and a tight pink top which shows off my braless breasts spectacularly, I reach out and touch her face. “Will you wish me luck?”

She reaches out and gives my breasts a squeeze. “Of course, good luck being a slave. Remember I better not see you in a few hours, but you’re mine Monday.”

Heather’s comment indicates we shouldn’t see each other this weekend. I’ve chosen a Friday night for my meeting with Jack and since he’s driving three hours to our campus I felt he should spend more than one public evening with me. We will meet in a bookstore café just off campus and the plan is for us to spend the weekend together if our meeting goes well. He has booked us a room at a nearby expensive hotel so I can begin to serve him. The reason I’ve placed the burden of decision on myself tonight is because I trust Jack and I feel I’m ready to serve him. Hopefully at some point in the next few hours I will ask to be his slave and then my belly will begin to pulse with anticipation for the decision will then revert to him. Will he accept me as his sub, or will he tell me I’m not yet ready?

Heather and I kiss once more and I depart flying down the three flights of stairs to the street. Still though, I am unable to calm the thousand butterflies in my tummy as I climb into our shared Honda Accord for the five minute drive to the Barnes & Noble. After parking, I shakily exit the car and a million emotions well up inside me as I walk to the store’s front door. The door seems heavy as I pull it open and enter immediately scanning the café for my Master.

* * * *

After spotting him, I moved quickly to his table but then I stopped unsure of what to do next. Should I bow, get to my knees or something else entirely? The second chair at his table is directly across from him and I wondered if I should just sit opposite him or move the chair closer so he could touch me easily. I want him to touch me so badly. There was only one way to know.

“Master, should I sit here?” I pointed to the empty chair as I spoke.

“Are you wearing undergarments, slave?” His tone was firm but hushed so only I could hear.

I adopted the same hushed tone as I approached closer. “Yes, Master, panties, I didn’t . . .”

He hushed me by reaching up and touching my lips. “No apology is necessary just bring the chair here and sit.” He pointed for me to move the chair to his immediate right.

Quickly I gathered the chair and moved it to the required position. As I sat I looked him over and his shoulder length black hair and dark eyes delighted me as did the smell of his cologne. Quickly I glanced around the café to see just three people, two men and one woman, sitting there. Two had laptops and seemed deeply engaged in whatever they were doing so I felt like we were virtually alone.

“Since you’re inexperienced, I’ll grant you the option to go to the ladies room to remove your panties, or do so right here.” He smiled at me and I sensed my decision was of some importance to him. Would I dare remove them here?

I only gave it a few seconds thought before I raised my butt from the seat slightly and reached under my mini to pull down the offending garment. As the soft lace slipped over my knees and down my calves I wondered if Heather had sensed I would be required to do this when she advised me to leave them on.

Once they were off I gathered up the fabric in my left hand and brought them back up to my lap. Would he want them or did he just want my pussy bared? I opened my hand and offered my lacey bikini underwear to my Master.

“No, no, you keep them. Perhaps I’ll have you put them back on later. For now open your legs as far as you are willing to allow me access.”

After an intense pulse of excitement passed through my entire body at the realization he was going to touch me, I opened my legs far wider than was required for him to touch my intimate center. None of the people in the cafe moved or looked at me, so I was relatively certain my exposure was unseen.

Master reached over and slipped him left hand down my thighs to my expectant pussy. I knew I was wet with excitement, but would he penetrate my lips and feel my desire? He did and I let out a soft moan, but he slipped his right hand under his left arm and quickly pulled my right knee so my legs closed on his left arm and hand. He was now turned toward me in his seat with his left arm running up my thighs and two fingers embedded in my slit. He completed the picture by kissing me so that to any casual onlookers we simply looked like two lovers enjoying a public display of affection.

His tongue invaded my mouth taking what belonged to him and the kiss went on seemingly suspended in time. I was transfixed with a desire to do anything for this man. He finally broke the kiss to speak the words I longed to hear.

“Are you willing to serve, Jennifer, to be my slave in all ways?” He was asking for the last decision of my life which would be completely mine and my mind considered a strange question for just a moment. Can I live if I say no and get up and leave? Will Heather and everything else in my life be enough to allow me to ignore this need to submit? I won’t debate here the merits of how I decided, but I will say it didn’t take long to decide.

“Yes, Master, I am your slave.”

Immediately he reached into the pocket of his dark suit and pulled out a shiny collar made of red leather. He placed it on the table and whispered in my ear. “This is a test of your devotion. I’m going to exit to my car, a blue BMW, but you shall remain here and put on your collar. Understand it won’t stay on, you’ll have to return it to me in the car and earn it back later, but I want you to taste what it feels like to wear it. I’ll see you in the car, slave.” With those words he removed his fingers from inside me and stood up. He smiled and moved quickly to the front door of the bookstore.

To me it felt like being emptied, a definite sign of how much I needed him. I gathered my wits about me and stared at the collar. It was beautiful, shiny, polished red leather, but there was no doubting what it was. As thick as it was it also had a large silver front ring which screamed slave collar. I could easily imagine a leash being attached to the ring. I barely breathed as I put it on and buckled it in back as was required. I even felt the little hole in the buckle where a lock would no doubt go making my collar impossible to remove.

My reverie was interrupted by a soft gasp from the other side of the café and I looked to see the lone woman looking at me with a rather shocked face. She immediately got up and came over to my table.

“Is that what it looks like?” She pointed to my collar with her other hand on her mouth.

“Yes, it is, but don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” I really felt I did.

“Are you sure? The man you were with is he . . .” She couldn’t quite say it, but I knew what she was asking.

“Yes, he’s my Master.”

“Wow, I’ve read about this kind of stuff, but I never expected to see it. You’re sure you’re okay, right.”

I understood her concern, but I also understood it was misplaced. “I’m perfect, better than I’ve ever been.”

The stranger’s hazel eyes looked sad for a moment. Did she have submissive desires which were going unfulfilled? “Okay then, good luck.” She turned and went back to her laptop and I stood up.

* * * *

The red leather of my collar isn’t as shiny as it was the evening I walked out of the Barnes & Noble and felt the cool evening breeze on my slave cunt, but it’s been worn almost nine years now. Jack is still my loving but diabolical Master and we occasionally play with Heather and her boyfriend who sadly live close to two thousand miles away. If I could go back to my first night of submission would I change anything? No way.

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