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Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Denyse Bridger

To wrap up the week here, and it’s been a blast – I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the latest releases, and what’s coming next.

I’ve been very lucky so far this year, I’ve signed with several new publishers, and over the past few months I’ve had no less than five releases. With Solstice Publishing, I have three eBooks. One is my first novel in ages, SHADES OF DEATH, and it’s just come out in print, as well as e-format. It’s a paranormal, with a lot of other things mixed in: some mystery, romance, vampires, and even a thread of horror, really. I’ve reinvented the whole vampire mystique here, and a couple of best-selling vampire authors were the ones who suggested that I really had come upon a new approach, and should consider publishing the novel. I was very pleased when the folks at Solstice not only liked it enough to publish it, but felt it was good enough to take to print.

Also from Solstice is my erotic pirate collection, ROGUES. A lot of people will recognize the handsome Jimmy Thomas on that cover! Just as handsome is the prince who adorns the cover of my fantasy adventure, ROYAL CONSORT. He’s a real-life partner from Rome, and he did that shoot especially for me. Dara England made a lovely cover from his photo, I think!

Then came the re-release of a short story – only it’s become a novella – a hot, extremely sexy novella, too! RETRIBUTION: SILENT DEATH has been published at Noble Romance, and because of the time and attention of the excellent editors there – it’s really one of my better books. I created a very cool trailer for it, and there’s a hot excerpt posted at my blog!!

My debut with Moongypsy Press is the erotic, passionate, very special GAMES OF SEDUCTION. It’s timely in this era of fast-moving communication, and internet dating. That it finds its roots in my real-life is just one more layer to the love story being depicted. The sex is sizzling, the story is breathless and highly romantic, so what’s not to love, right?

The rest of the year is already lining up for more diverse projects, a new fantasy novel is in the works, set in Sicily amid the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento; a new novel that is very, very romantic, set in Rome; more vampires; a werewolf Prince… so much going on, so many stories… I hope you’ll stay for the journey, because there is not end to the twists and turns we’ll take, but it will always be an adventure!!

Thanks to everyone here for a great week – and to all the people who’ve taken the time to come by and comment – you’re wonderful, each and every one of you! Thanks again.

Hugs and Blessings,



Missy Martine said...

Hey Denyse, although I haven't posted daily, I have enjoyed reading and learning a little about what makes Denyse Bridger such a creative person. It's been a pleasure, and I look forward to your next release.

robynl said...

you have been and continue to be one busy lady.

Denysé said...

Thank you both, ladies - It's been an interesting week, and I often wonder if I can slow down?? As soon as I decide I'm taking time off, a thousand new ideas start screaming... Who knows what comes next???

Hugs and Love, D