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Saturday, June 5, 2010

And She Danced by Nicole Gestalt

Emma glanced at the clock once more; it was almost time.

She made sure that the small ornate lamp was on before pulling open the curtains. Warm air wound its way in, sensuously surrounding her. Her body tingled with excitement. Watching the clock, she sat down in a single chair to wait for the exact moment. Wishing the clock would move faster, she pulled her mesh dragon print coat around her. She loved the way the sheer fabric felt against her skin. In honour of the coat and the oriental feel of it she had put her hair up using the laminated chopsticks her sister had given her for an early Christmas present.

Finally the second hand moved and she knew it was time. He would have stepped out of the lift, opened the door to his apartment and walked in. She could picture him placing his briefcase down before settling into the armchair that faced the window, ready to relax after a hard day in the office.

It thrilled her to think of him sitting and watching her. Wanting her, just like she wanted him.

After she had bumped into him on his first day of work two weeks ago a desire had been awakened within her. A desire so strong it lit within her a flame that no man had ever ignited before, and she knew she would do anything to keep that flame alive.

She had been happy to discover the attraction was mutual but due to such busy lifestyles meeting during the week was impossible. So, after much thought, she had struck upon an erotic yet teasing solution that kept that attraction alive. The first time she had performed in front of the window she hadn’t known he was watching, but just the thought of him doing so turned her on more than she thought would have been possible. As a side effect it also boosted her confidence. Now the very thought of the night’s performance was enough to send shivers through her.

To begin with she had been dressed in her work clothes, slowly undoing the buttons on her blouse, removing her stockings, just simple things that gave him little glimpses, enough to wet his appetite. But now a week on she was much more daring, even more so since the package containing the coat had arrived from his office.

Tonight after she had managed to get away from work early she had showered before slipping into her fanciest underwear. She loved how great her breasts looked in her camisole top, and knew when worn with the boy shorts her body looked fantastic. More importantly she felt fantastic, and ready to take on the world. Adding the sheer coat completed the ensemble and she felt happy that all the little lumps and bumps she didn’t like as much were nicely covered up.

Pressing a button on her remote control caused soft slow music to fill the room. Its sultry notes were the perfect accompaniment to move her body to. Satisfied, she stood up and moved in front of the window.

Slowly she began to sway her hips to the music. Emma loved to dance; she found it to be one of the most liberating ways to express herself.

With her arms raised she twisted and swayed, the sheer coat allowing just the slightest glimpses of her voluptuous body. Provocative was what she was going for; she knew he would approve. The fabric felt soft against her skin, each movement of it sent tingles through her, adding to the heightened state her body was already at due to dancing so daringly in front of the window for anyone to see. She turned away from the window, and in a slow, sensuous movement she pulled at the chopsticks, allowing her long almond-coloured hair to fall like a waterfall down her back. Shaking her head she freed it all then, closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feelings of her movements, every one picked to arouse and titillate. The music became louder, a crescendo of notes, and she moved her body in time with it. She had always had a good sense of balance and this came through as she danced elegantly and nimbly.

She twisted side on to the window, running her hands over the coat. Pulling gently she parted it, giving the slightest glimpse of the camisole she wore beneath before twisting away once more. By the time the track finished she was exhausted. Sitting back down on the chair she smiled to herself. Her hands were on the phone before it started to ring.

“You looked fantastic tonight, my love.” His soft voice heady with lust reached her, and she smiled to herself.

“I’m glad you liked it. I hoped that you would.”

She could just hear his apartment buzzer going as he groaned in frustration.

“I’m sorry, baby, but I’m going to have to go. Thank you for tonight, same time tomorrow?”

Emma laughed.

“Of course,” she replied huskily, her voice eliciting another groan from him before he placed the phone down.

When he hung up she remained seated. Her mind whirling with how turned on he had seemed. She began to plan the next night with earnest. She enjoyed the games they played and how empowered they all made her feel. The fact that she turned him on so much was just the icing on the cake.

Glancing over to the card that had come with the coat she smiled-- her stomach tensing with excitement. It held within it the times and date of their next date, a long weekend break in the country just the two of them and she couldn’t wait.

About the author: Nicole Gestalt lives in England but her heart resides in New Hampshire where her partner is. Writing in many different genres she loves to test the boundaries and challenge normality. She can be found at her erotica journal:

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