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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Spotlight: Belinda McBride

When Everything…Stops

I wouldn’t call it writer’s block, after all, I’m sitting here writing now. However, there are times when everything just shuts down. I’m okay for editing and revising older work, but my mind simply refuses to take on something new. Early on, that worried me a great deal, to the point that I warned my editors that my writing schedule is a bit erratic at times.

The autumn is usually a dry time for me, and right now, the green, green grass of April is calling my name. It’s saying, “The foxtails are setting on! Get the Weed Eater started!” When I’m under stress, my creative energy will just ebb away. My older sister’s family is going through a heartbreaking battle with her addiction right now, and we spend a lot of time and energy listening to her children as they battle to save their mother’s life.

Oh, and then there’s RT. I’ve never been to it before, and as a person with social phobias, it’s got me a bit spooked. Add to that the fact that my promo stuff is taking up most of my luggage space, and now I’m really worried!

Honestly, I didn’t think anything would bubble to the surface for awhile, but last night I should have been sleeping, but instead, entered that twilight state where the mind begins to wander and create. While I won’t begin writing it just yet, I’ve got the kernel of an idea for a novella that will be part of a BDSM anthology. It really felt good to follow the meandering path of my imagination, even though some of the story was filled with sleepy foolishness.

So everything stops sometimes, and now I’m learning that even though I’ve stalled, things will start again. It just takes a stray thought or the whisper of a melody to trigger just the right, perfect idea for the moment.


Lena Austin said...

Stress and worry can stop me cold too, so don't feel bad. You're right though. Sometimes it's a song, a picture, a joke told by a friend, or helping another author with their own story that will suddenly unblock the dam and the story comes rolling out.

Kathy K said...

I'm not a writer but I surely do have a lot of respect for you who do write.
And while I've heard from other authors that their stories are always whispering a corner of their mind - and what a trip that must be - this is the first time that I've really heard about the times that everything comes to a stop... well, everything story-wise.

Yep, hard to believe, but you showed me just how much more respect I feel for those who have to write. And I thank you!

PS. My youngest daughter is a writer... and I never before really understood the drive that you all have to just write.

Belinda McBride said...

Lena, we tend to forget that good times can bring stress too. When I get an offer or sign a contract, everthing comes to a screeching halt! LOL!

Kathy, I think a lot of writers have that 'voices in the head' thing. I certainly do, and when it stops, it can be very distressing. I worry that I've lost it completely! LOL! And I wish your daughter the best of luck!