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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Desiree Holt

What’s My Day Like

First of all, I’m very fortunate to live in a beautiful place—the Texas Hill Country. Most of the area is ranches and a lot of them raise cutting horses. There are also hay farms, horse breeders, dog breeders, even an alpaca farm. My house sits in the middle of six gorgeous, wild acres, with every imaginable kind of wild life. And yes, at night I can hear the coyotes howl in the distance. The view through the windows where I work, either to my left or right, is so magnificent I have to kick myself not to just sit here and stare.

Anyway, back to my schedule. At least on the days I’m not out doing errands or research.

I share my house with three wonderful cats, five years old, that I adopted from the animal shelter. At seven in the morning they want their breakfast and they aren’t shy about waking me up to remind me of that fact. So first activity of the day is feeding them.

Next come the deer. This area is home to a large herd of white tail deer and a smaller herd of axis deer. Over the past ten years they know if they show up in my yard I’ll feed them. so I fill the feeding pail with corn and grain mix and make sure they get their breakfast.

I fix my first cup of coffee of the day from my wonderful Keurig machine. If you don’t have one, check it out. Pop in a K-Cup for coffee—many flavors—tea or hot chocolate, toss the cup and voila! A hot drink with no fuss. With coffee in hand I spend the next two hours answering email and doing promo work.

Finally, showered and dressed and ready for work, I begin the thing I love most—writing. I usually work on two or three manuscripts at a time, so I pull up the one I’m immersed in, reread what I wrote the day before and start banging away at the keyboard.

Often I take a break to search for visual aids on the Internet. Hunks, for instance. I can usually visualize what I want my hero to look like and I’ll search for a picture as close as I can get and print it out. Right now one of the books I’m working on is about a country rock singer in his forties, and the image that plastered itself in my mind was of Christopher Stone, the late actor who was married to Dee Wallace (ET’s mother!). So I found a great picture of him and now it’s taped to my computer desk.

In midafternoon I take a break and return phone calls. Three days a week I work out at the Y. On the other days I walk a mile with my iPod cranked up, singing along off key. Then it’s time to feed the cats again, then the deer, then myself. Then to bed to watch television, make notes on what I wrote that day, and indulge in recreational reading for myself.


Becky said...

Desiree, you do keep yourself busy. That must be a very beautiful place you live. That must be a sight when you feed the deer each day.

robynl said...

wow, your acreage sounds like paradise or at least a slice of it.

booklover0226 said...

Living smack dab in the center of 6 acres sounds wonderful. I grew up on a farm and loved the open areas, woods, and fresh air.

Tracey D

Cathy M said...

Your home sounds beautiful, Desiree. The critters at my house consist of a dwarf rabbit, two eastern box turtles and two dwarf hamsters. And somehow they've all turned into "my" pets, lol.