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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Passionate War by Jennifer Wile

He watched her through the glass doors, the steam from the hot water misting the glass just enough to make his imagination wonder. He was her team mate, her partner, nothing more. He had longed to feel the touch of her smooth skin under his finger tips, to gently brush the hair away from her hazel eyes, and to take her as his own, claim her from all others.

But, like always, he just slipped quietly into the bathroom, the mist on the door concealing him as well as her. His eyes followed a water droplet as it made its way down the glass door, and he pictured it as it slid across her creamy skin. Down passed her shoulder, over her collar bone, slipping ever so quickly through the cleavage of her full breasts, the one thing he and the water drop would disagree on, one of the few places his tongue would linger. Slowly the water droplet made its way down the glass getting stuck around where her naval would be. He physically willed the water drop to continue its path, continue taking him down her body, but the drop stayed in that position, his mind continuously stuck on the picture of her tight tummy. Running a hand through his hair, he let out a long breath, realizing he was staring at the door. He quickly ducked out of the room.

He was her partner nothing more.

Jade squinted, her hand moving against the wall trying to find the towel nearby. Her watery finger prints left signs of her struggles to stop the burning sting in her eyes, but they weren't the only things that were burning. Heat pooled in her loins. A soft “yes!” floated on the mist of the shower as she found the face cloth. Wiping her eyes she thought about him.

He was her partner, nothing more; no matter how much she might want otherwise, she couldn’t possibly imagine a man so strong as him would ever want to take her, to be with her. She imagined the soap washing off of her skin was due to his hand. His hands running over shoulders and down her back, coming around the front of her tummy and slowly inching down.

”Damn it!”

She quickly grabbed the face cloth again and placed it over her face. The conditioner had trickled down into her eyes. Sighing she turned and let the water tangle with the strands of her long brown hair.

He had helped her today. Who was she kidding? He had saved her life! Not that she hadn’t done the same for him in the past but this was different. This time he had actually laid his hands on her, actually picked her up and took her to the medic personally. She had to admit that once she was in his arms she felt fine but against his chest she felt so protected, all she could do was lean in closer and try to take in his masculine scent.

Robert found himself in Jade’s bedroom still looking in on her in the shower. He remembered holding her in his arms, remembered the feeling of utter dread that maybe this time he wasn’t fast enough. The sounds of the guns firing in his memory suddenly faded as he looked up and met Jade's gaze. He had missed the water being turned off; his heart raced.

He stood up, unable to take his eyes off her body, down the curve of her breasts over the erect nipples, gliding over her abdomen. Jade cleared her throat forcing him to look back at her eyes. He didn’t know what to say, but his feet said it for him. Before he knew it he stood face to face with her, giving her only half a second before he pressed his lips passionately against hers. Jade kissed back, her tongue meeting his feverishly. Roberts’ hand moved over her body finally finding the triangle of soft curls between her legs. He felt her clit begging him to touch her and he smiled; she wanted him as bad as he wanted her. He picked her up and Jade wrapped her legs around his hips, her mouth nibbling on his neck.

Robert placed her on the bed and Jade looked up at him as he freed himself of his uniform. His rock hard cock greeted her eyes and she desperately needed him inside of her. He crawled onto the bed, his hand gently massaging her breasts as one of his knees pushed her legs open.

Jade moaned and he could smell her sex; her arousal made him crave her. As he pinned her wrists above her head with one hand, his cock teased her clit. He ran the tip over it before moving slowly down her pussy, until he rested at her entrance. He placed the tip inside and took a deep breath when her hips moved trying to force the rest of him inside of her.

He looked down at her face. Jade was biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming. In one smooth motion he slid inside, her hot damp sheath wrapping tightly around his cock as he began to thrust in and out slowly as he kissed her lips. Pulling away he held on tighter to her wrists and pulled his cock almost completely out; at her groan of protest he entered her again, this time her hips meeting him thrust for thrust. Jade began to shake and he knew she was about to hit her climax; he was close as well. As her pussy wrapped tighter around him, milking him for what he would give her, he released her wrists and wrapped his mouth around her breast. As Jade screamed and shook with pleasure he bit down on her nipple adding pleasure and pain as his seed filled her core.

No longer just her partner, no longer just her team mate, she was now his.

About the author: Publishing a novel was a dream come true for Jennifer and an unexpected one. Since then she has been going to school to finish up her degree while writing more stories of different genres in hopes of continuing her writing career. She loves to hear from her readers.

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