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Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Spotlight: Victoria Blisse

My kind of Fantasy

I’ve always enjoyed reading fantasy stories. I like myths and magic, heroes and villains and strange beasts to fight or defend. I do really enjoy escaping to a completely different world now and then. My favourite authors include Terry Pratchett-- I’ve been reading his Discworld novels since I was thirteen-- and David Gemmell who I started reading a year or so later. I loved the fantasy section of my library in my teen years and still do.

Funnily enough though when I actually began to write I kept very much to contemporary romance scenarios,well, until I got Father Christmas involved in a short story ("Christmas Spirit Warms the Heart")anyway. And you know why? Mostly because I was scared. It’s difficult to know where to start when writing fantasy and equally as difficult to know where to stop. How many characters are too many? How many monsters can you create, breeds of people and magic doo-hickeys before it all just gets silly? So although I’ve thought about writing fantasy I didn’t until I saw a call for submissions for a werewolf anthology that just would not leave me alone.

I wrote "Moon Shy" for the Over The Moon anthology and although I found it challenging I found it exciting too. It is one of those stories where it seems as if you’re in plain old England but it’s an England where werewolves exist. It’s slightly easier, I find, writing one paranormal ingredient into a real world recipe of a story than starting a new world from scratch. And I adore Lowell, my reluctant werewolf. I was thrilled when the story was accepted and moved straight on to writing about vampires and The Point is now available for you to read and is the first in a series of Point Vamp books I’m going to work on.

It seems I’ve gotten the fantasy writing bug now and I like it!

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