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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lady Bellaston's Lover by Carol Storm

At the age of forty-two, Lady Henrietta Bellaston thought she had seen everything. But a naked man climbing into her bedroom was something new.

“Stop right there! What do you think you’re doing?”

The man in the window froze instantly, his clothes knotted in a bundle over his shoulder, one thick powerful thigh dangling over the ledge. The summer moonlight silvered his skin, outlining the contours of a firm, muscular young body. The shadows didn’t hide his astonishingly generous lower endowments, either. Worldly Henrietta was quite impressed.

Evidently she hadn’t seen everything after all.

“Please don’t scream.” His voice was husky. Trusting. “They’ll get in trouble if you do.”

“They will get into trouble?” Henrietta asked, raising one carefully plucked eyebrow. “What about you? Come here and sit down. I want to know everything, from the beginning.”

The lamp flickered as the young man sat down, his firm buttocks sinking into the softness of the bed. Henrietta could see from the blush that spread over his handsome features that her dark-haired Adonis was not accustomed to strutting naked in a lady’s bedchamber. That was a situation she proposed to change.

“I was helping the Foxwood family,” the young man stated. His eyes were dark blue, truthful and sincere, framed by long dark lashes. “They’ve been loyal tenants for generations. Now they’ve lost their land. Father had to sell it off to pay his debts.”

“Your father is Squire Allgood?” Henrietta enquired. “I thought he was childless.”

“He has no legitimate sons,” the young man clarified. “My name is Tommy, milady. I’m a bastard. I am an Allgood by birth, but my father deprived me of my last name.”

“Does your father also deprive you of clothing?” Henrietta’s shrewd dark eyes wandered over the nude male’s sculpted muscles.

“I took a shortcut home through the marshes.” Tommy shrugged broad shoulders. “This time of year it’s easier to take one’s clothes off and swim. This chamber is usually empty, so I can come and go at any hour. You must be Lady Bellaston, from London ?”

“I am.” She gave him a regal nod. “However, when a good-looking gentleman visits me in my private chamber he is permitted to call me Henrietta. Particularly when he has already shed his clothing.”

“Henrietta.” Tommy didn’t want to like the sophisticated older woman. But he was uncomfortably aware of her seductive appeal. First there was her voice, firm and commanding yet low and husky. Her merry brown eyes, her abundant bosom, and her musky perfume all stirred his senses. Lady Bellaston was a beauty of mature years, her well-kept body rounded and majestic. Her red-brown hair was in curling papers, and she wore a prim white lace bed cap that actually enhanced her sly and sensual features.

“I see you’ve finally noticed little me,” Henrietta remarked.

She eyed his swelling cock with amusement.

“I know who you are, if that’s what you mean.”

Tom was embarrassed by his body’s obvious response. He averted his eyes from Lady Bellaston’s teasing lips, only to find himself gazing at the beauty mark beside her mouth. The dark mole cried out to be kissed. When he first approached the bed, his cock had been hanging soft and limp. Now it was pulsing, the shaft hard and throbbing with excitement. He cleared his throat. “You’re the rich London widow who’s been lending all that money to my father. To Squire Allgood, I mean. You demand cash payment and then father has to sell the land and turn tenants out to starve. I don’t like seeing poor people made homeless.”

“How noble!” Henrietta said lightly. But she was touched by Tom’s gentle ways. “It is true, your father is deep in debt to me, and he hasn’t the resources to pay. However, I’m ready to offer him an alternative.”

“What sort of an alternative?”

“I want security for my loans,” Lady Bellaston declared. “I was going to take the Allgood silver back to London with me. But now I think I’ll let your father keep it. And I’ll greatly enlarge the cash loan, so you needn’t worry about the tenants losing their land.” She gave Tom’s tense thigh a light, reassuring pat with her heavy, bejeweled hand.

“And what do you want instead?”

Tom shuddered as the lady claimed his cock.


Tom could have resisted. But the pouting lips of the older woman entranced him. He kissed those sly lips as her knowing fingers caressed his cock. Henrietta raised her nightgown, and he entered her with eagerness. It would just be a quick tumble, that’s all.

Worldly Henrietta knew that young men possessed great stamina and energy. But she was determined to drain her new lover to the last drop. Tom’s first hungry assault on her body left both of them gasping, but it was over far too quickly. Henrietta roused him, using her wet, clever mouth to make him hard. She sucked, and he moaned. When he slid into her a second time, she used her inner muscles to give him a long, aching release.

“Show me how to please you,” Tom panted. He clearly enjoyed her talented tongue and mouth. With his face buried in her sex, his own tongue found her secret place with only a little gentle encouragement. The climax came in wave after wave of pleasure as Henrietta lay back on the pillows, shuddering and moaning with pure delight.

“I’m taking Tom with me to London,” a bright-eyed and cheerful Lady Bellaston announced at the breakfast table the next day. “He will be security for your loan.”

Old Squire Allgood belched, and put down his tankard of ale. “Is this truly what you want, my boy?”

“Tom?” Lady Bellaston nudged her companion.

“Huh?” Tom opened his eyes. “Yes, father. This is what I want.” He yawned, completely exhausted after just one night with Lady Bellaston.

He couldn’t wait to go back to bed.

About the Author: Carol Storm is a multi-published author with PHAZE books. She lives in upstate New York.

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