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Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Spotlight: Victoria Blisse

Sexy Laughter

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” —e.e. Cummings

When people are asked “What do you look for in a perspective partner?” you will find that sense of humour will always feature somewhere near the top of the list. We all like people who make us laugh and in many cases it actually makes that person all the more attractive to us and this, in part at least, is why all of my stories have funny bits.

You might think that romance is a serious business and especially so when it gets erotic but you know as often as love making is focused, intense and passionate it is comfortable and all about having fun with someone you adore.

I give you an example from Getting Physical, a story full of funny incidents that bring two very different people together. Terri accidentally walks in on John in the shower at the gym:

"Erm, hello? Is there someone in here?"

"Yes," a familiar male voice replied. "Is that you, Terri?"

"It is. I'm sorry, John. I didn't realise you were in here, the door wasn't locked so…"

"No need to apologise. I must have forgotten to lock it in my haste," he shouted over the sound of the water.

"I'll get my things and go over to the ladies…"

"No, no. I'm nearly done now. Just pass me my towel. I'll keep my eyes shut, and you can shower whilst I dress."

"Oh, okay." I quickly slipped off my bra and knickers, very aware that a hot, wet male was just on the other side of the plywood divide. I found his towel strewn over the far end of the bench and walked towards the shower curtain.

I waited for the water to stop and stuck my hand through the curtain. "Here you go." I smiled, shut my eyes tightly and held my own towel over my private parts. My hand brushed past flesh—soft, warm, male flesh—and I withdrew my hand quickly.

"Damn," he cursed. I guessed that he'd dropped the towel so I bent to retrieve it. As I waved my hand just above floor level, my forehead bashed into the back of his head.

"Oh, damn. I'm sorry." Flustered, my eyes flashed open, and I dropped my own towel in the confusion.

"It's okay." He straightened up, a towel in each hand, his eyes still closed. "I've got them both." He held my towel out towards me, but my eyes were busy drinking in the heady vision of his tight and toned body. His chest was hard and practically hairless. I could see the definition of all his muscles in his long torso. The delicate dip at his tummy just begged me to dip my tongue in it. Lower still, I was amazed by his gorgeous cock. Wow, just like the rest of him it was long and hard, very hard.

"Erm, Terri, can you find your towel?"

"Yeah, I'm just feeling about for it now." I grinned mischievously as I stepped forward and reached out towards his midriff. Very purposefully, I brushed past his taut hardness. He gasped, his cock jumped, and I pulled the towel from his hand. I darted round him and under the shower head.

"Thanks." I panted hard, my body tight with arousal as he stepped forward, and I swished the plastic curtain shut as quickly as I could manage.

See? A little light humour can definitely be seriously sexy too!

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