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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Author Interview - Lynne Roberts

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Lynne Roberts, author of First Date and After Hours, both from The Wilder Rose Press.

Lynne told me that the research for her books differs depending on which book it is.

"The internet has brought the world to your screen with the touch of a few keys and I do a lot of my research that way," she said. "But nothing beats the smells and sounds of the real world. Recently, I went to San Francisco where my WIP takes place and took notes like crazy."

Lynne started writing mainstream fantasy with very little sex involved and, in fact, still writes fantasy under her real name. However, a friend of hers wrote erotica and, when Lynne read some of her work, she was challenged to give erotica a try.

"I can honestly tell you, it was harder than I thought. Er, no pun intended," she told me. "Writing erotica was like exercising muscles I hadn’t used in a while. It was slow going and hurt a bit. It did get easier. There are many similarities but writing erotica presents its own challenges that are unique to its genre. Such as word choice and creating a clear sequence of events, while things are happening simultaneously, without become repetitious."

One thing that both mainstream and erotic romance or erotica have in common, for Lynne, is that they both have a story. And this is where erotica differs, in her mind, from porn.

"With porn, it’s only about the sex," she said. "The people don’t really matter. While erotic romance contains sex, it’s a romance. I would not write a book in which I did not feel something for the characters and work toward their HEA."

If an author wants to write erotica (or any other genre, for that matter), the best advice Lynne can give them is to read in that genre.

"Read… and then read some more and when you’re done, read another." She laughed. " Seriously, read the genre in which you write. This rule applies across the board."

"Does your family read your writing?" I wondered. "What do they think about it?"

"Most of my family does not read my work because it’s currently only available online as an e-book and none of them have e-readers or computers… yeah, they are a little behind the times."

Lynne said she's never been embarrassed by a sex scene she's written, however, she did admit, "I have written one that made me squirm in my seat and I had to take frequent breaks. One of the best compliments I ever received was: 'As soon as my husband read your book, he attacked me. (In a good way.)'" She laughed and added, "See, just doing my part toward marital harmony. "

"If you could entertain a character from a book, who would it be?" I asked.

"One of my books or any character?"

"Any character."

" Wow! That’s a good question. There are so many! Just one? I’ll cross off all the Black Dagger Brotherhood vampires because that might be a little scary and they’re all mated. Got it! Mohan from a book by SJ Thomas that is not yet published. (I know, that’s kind of cheating… just wait until it is—you’ll understand) What would the evening be like? Lots of witty banter, sexual innuendo and wine… curtain closes there, "she said with a wink.

On more of a personal note, Lynne pierced her belly button when she turned 35.

"I love it! I don’t go around showing my belly button off so it was just for me. Is it sexy? I think so," she said with a wink. "I think piercing is still just enough of a rebellious act that there is a bad boy/girl connotation to it that, let’s face it, is sexy. I mean metal is penetrating your skin, what else do you do?"

She considered almost anything creamy best for eating off another's tummy.

She laughed and then added, "Except maybe peanut butter. Other body parts? Honey or chocolate."

Her favorite food is turkey sandwiches.

"Yeah, sexy, huh?" she said with a laugh. "But I love them plain or with Swiss or cranberries or lettuce and tomato…"

However, she can't bring herself to eat sushi.

"I'm sorry…it's raw!" she said.

"Can you tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi?" I asked.

" Yes, I can. I conducted a taste test when I was little and picked Coke. I’ve drunk it ever since. I’m nothing if not loyal… of course between me and you, I really prefer root beer now."

Her favorite letter? "S. Hey, what can I say? It's curvy."

"What is your strangest habit?"

"All my habits are strange. Okay, and I can’t believe I’m admitting this. I have to open my garage door to make sure my car is in the garage before I lock the house up for the night. It’s not as OCD as it sounds. My kids were leaving the car door ajar and I was waking up to a dead battery. I started checking simply to make sure the car’s interior lights were off but now it’s a habit."

"When you are not writing, what can you usually be found doing?" I wondered.

" Not writing? What’s that? Editing most likely," she said, laughing. "Reading, playing with my kids. Homework (we have 2 hours of it every night) playing on Twitter, checking my email (I’m a compulsive email checker)."

And, finally, she loves painting her toenails…usually red, but she has been known to mix it up and paint them black once in a while.

You can keep up with Lynne on her blog,

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