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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Spotlight: Ashley Ladd

I Can't Remember Who I Am

Something funny keeps happening to me. Judy here at Whipped Cream can testify for me. I'm forgetting who I am. I feel like Sybil, the schizophrenic with 13 personalities. Well, not quite like Sybil. I only have two personalities.

I write erotic romance as Ashley Ladd. I write sweet romance under a different name.

I've been writing a lot of erotic romance thus I'm usually Ashley when I'm online promoting and conducting writing business. Thus I'm used to signing everything "Ashley" or even "Ash". A couple times I started thinking of myself as "Ashley" even when I wasn't doing anything with writing or promoting. I've signed "Ashley" a few times when I should have signed my real name.

Last week, I had two book releases - one as Ashley and one as my sweet alter ego. Both personalities have been touring blogs, filling out interviews, and tweeting like mad. I've had to re-read emails several times to remember who I am for the interview I'm doing. This time, I sent my alter ego's sweet material for Whipped Cream which, as you know, is an erotic romance site.

Whether I'm confused or just really tired, I'm not sure. Probably both.
I never have a problem remembering my characters and books even if I'm working on ten books at once. I have a gazillion computer files between my day job and home computers and I have remember where each one is without flinching. Yet I can't remember who I am. Did you ever see the "Married With Children" episode where Kelly Bundy has been pumped full of facts and is winning on a game show. Then she can't remember a question she's known all her life - that her father was the town's football hero. Sometimes I feel as if someone's pushing information into one ear and it's falling out the other. Call me Kelly Bundy this week. LOL

So you may ask why do I use two pseudonyms?

Two reasons.

My sweet romance editors asked that I not use the Ashley Ladd name for my sweet stories and that I use a different blog. Perish the thought someone who wants to read a sweet romance where the bedroom door is closed pick up one of my erotic MM or MMF romances by mistake. Their eyes might bleed.

The other is personal. I don't want my employer to know I write the hot stuff. I'm not exactly eager for my children's Sunday School teachers to know, either. And it is easier to separate the two types of books. There should be no chance that you, an erotic romance reader, would pick up my book and get a sweet romance if you buy an Ashley Ladd book. :)


booklover0226 said...

I can understand your need to use a pseudonym.

So many people have misconceptions about erotica books, especially m/m novels because I did!!!

Then I finally read one and loved it. I have been reading it ever since.

Tracey D

Ashley Ladd said...

Several people I know wouldn't accept MF sex in books much less the MM, so the pseudonym comes in handy.